2015 PGA Championship – Registration for tickets

No doubt if you are an avid golfing fan and wanted to attend this year’s PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, but were unable to attend, you just might want to get in early to grab your ticket for the 2015 PGA Championship.

Now obviously you can’t purchase 2015 PGA Championship tickets right now, but you can make sure you are in with a chance early by registering your details to reserve your spot, by visiting this registration page.

When you visit the registration page, you will need to fill in the registration form, along with selecting the type of 2015 PGA Championship tickets on sale, which are the Wanamaker Ticket Package…the Weekly Ground Ticket Package…or the ‘Ultimate Foursome’ Package, and then select the day or days you desire to attend from Monday through Sunday.

Registration for the 2015 PGA Championship is free, and you are under no obligation to purchase tickets by completing the process, but the earlier you register, the better chance you have at purchasing the tickets that you are after.

Once you have registered, you will receive confirmation of registration along with details of when the 2015 PGA Championship tickets go on sale later this month.

So there you have it, if you wish to grab hold of some 2015 PGA Championship tickets, you now know how to do so.