England vs. San Marino final score prediction

England football fans will know that England take on San Marino today, as the England squad continue their qualifying campaign for the 2016 European Championships at Wembley Stadium.

It is expected that England will be victorious over San Marino, and speculation has it that Roy Hodgson’s squad will win the match by a big score, and that San Marino won’t score a goal in the match at all.

The speculation that England will triumph is because the team played San Marino during the World Cup 2014 qualifying, and England beat San Marino 8-0 away, and 5-0 at home.

Thus the England vs. San Marino score prediction is that England will trounce San Marino 5-0, although they are capable of scoring eight goals as previous.

But other than that away match against San Marino, England haven’t managed to exceed 5 goals since back in the June of 2009 when they played against Andorra and won 6-0. However some are also predicting a 7-0 win for England against San Marino.

Prior to that score against Andorra, England’s last 6-0 win was way back in the June of 2006, when they scored six goals in a friendly match against Jamaica.

Footie fans can see the England vs. San Marino match tonight at 7:45PM live on ITV, and can expect a big score win from England, if the predictions are correct of course.

Will you be watching the England vs. San Marino match tonight?

Image courtesy of Sportsbetsblog