Latest Jules Bianchi news shares driver’s progress

Formula 1 fans will undoubtedly know that last Sunday Marussia driver Jules Bianchi was injured when he crashed into a recovery vehicle during the rain-drenched race at Suzuka in Japan.

Bianchi’s car aquaplaned off at the Dunlop Curve during the race, where marshals were using the recovery vehicle to tow away Adrian Sutii’s Sauber that crashed because of the rain.

The latest news on Jules Bianchi is that the 25-year-old Frenchman remains critical, but is in a stable condition, after sustaining confirmed brain injuries, reports Sky Sports.


Two days ago, Bianchi’s parents delivered a statement via the Marussia team, which confirmed that Bianchi has suffered “a diffused axonal injury,” and that he is listed as “critical but stable.”

According to the article, a diffused axonal injury is “one of the most common traumatic brain injuries” and that “instead of occurring in a specific area”, the injury “occurs over a more widespread area,” and also adds, “in addition to being one of the most common types of brain injuries, it’s also one of the most devastating.”

Ahead of this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix, F1 teams reconvened in Sochi, where Marussia have now set up in the paddock, but thus far there is no confirmations if they will race, but have 2 reserves, Will Stevens and Alexander Rossi.