Inferno release date gets shifted


The third instalment of the Robert Langdon series Inferno, which is directed by Ron Howard, is expected to kick off filming in April next year with an expected release date of the 18th of December 2015. However, the Inferno release date has now been shifted.

With Star Wars: Episode 7 arriving in the December of 2015, Sony might have realised that the new Star Wars movie will dominate, so this could be the reason the studio has decided to shift the release date of Inferno, although the reason hasn’t been confirmed, reports Joblo.

The release date shift means that rather than coming out on the 18th of December 2015, Inferno now has a release date of the 14th of October 2016, which is almost a year later than first expected.


As I am sure you will know, Tom Hanks will again reprise his role as Harvard Professor Robert Langdon in Inferno to get to grips unravelling another mystery. With Langdon waking up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, and Langdon joins forces with a doctor that he hopes can restore his memories so he can stop a madman from releasing a plague that is connected with Dante’s Inferno.

Moving the release date for Inferno means the movie will face a lot less competition, although we do have to give Sony the benefit of the doubt that the move wasn’t due to Star Wars: Episode 7.

Are you disappointed Sony has moved the Inferno release date?