Cars Fast as Lightning cheats and hack tool

While we were surprised to see a Cars game appear on Android and iOS devices a few days ago, we were more shocked to see that players have already been demanding Cars: Fast as Lightning cheats in order to progress within the game. It does seem as though people are not prepared to spend the time and effort to progress further within such games, although in-app purchases are certain to play a part in why users look for hack tool for gaming apps like this.

Being able to head down to Radiator Springs on your mobile device is pretty cool, especially for the young ones, as they get a chance to see Lightning McQueen and his friends. The idea behind the gaming app is to build custom tracks and then race cars on them, and while it may sound easy, nothing ever is, especially when in-app purchases are involved.

Cars Fast as Lightning cheats

If you do not wish to spend money on buying Bundle Packs and Gem Packs, then there are a few things you can do in order to save a few pounds, although this does involve applying some cheats and questionable strategies, which can be seen in the fist video below. Failing that, you could always go down the route of taking in some much-needed tips by watching the second video below, although there are several more parts to that walkthrough video.

For those of you are are not comfortable with applying Cars Fast as Lightning cheats and would rather progress through the game by purchasing gems, then we would advise you wait until they go on sale. Just remember, the Android and iOS version of this gaming app is new, and so you will be paying a premium for these in-game purchases – a rule of thumb, never pay full price.