GTA V cheats reinvention on PS4, Xbox One

The Grand Theft Auto V countdown for the PS4 and Xbox One versions has now begin, as there is just a month before their release, which is November 18th, 2014. It’s been just over a year since PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers got to enjoy the open world, action-adventure video game, although not as much as those who decided to cheat their way through the game.

With that being said, this is why there will be a reinvention of the GTA V cheats, as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers look for ways to have a little fun throughout the game. If you never got to play GTA V on the previous-gen consoles because you were saving yourself for the new generation, then you no longer have the cell phone to enter the cheats, as you have to go old school and use the controllers to input the buttons in a certain order.

GTA V cheats reinvention

However, there is a downside to this, as the cheats do not stay activated all of the time because once you turn the game off and start again you have to enter the codes all over a agin.

We suspect the list of GTA V cheats for the PS4 and Xbox One will be the same as those currently used, although there is hope that the jetpack could finally make an appearance as a cheat, as this is one of the most asked cheats, yet it is still a no show.

Here we have located a list of Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats, and we can only assume they will apply to the new consoles. However, there is also hope that some new cheats start to appear, as PS4 and Xbox One players will demand more from the game, especially when they begin to get frustrated in the campaign.

  • Chris