Clash of Clans tips more desirable than cheats

If you are a casual gamer you probably don’t mind using the odd tip or cheat to get your way through a game, whereas there are those more ardent gamers that simply refuse to use any cheats and tips at all.

But for those more casual gamers that are playing the epic combat strategy game Clash of Clans on IOS, they would like a few tips, we have eight of them for your consideration below, courtesy of

So, the first Clash of Clans tip is, be patient and keep hold of your gems, don’t spend them speeding up production but keep them for something important you wish to keep. Build up that gem count, and give it some serious though before you spend them, although a gamer will face a bit of a hard time getting through the end game without spending any.


Next tip is Offensive is the best defence and visa versa, which will depend on whether you simply collect resources or take the fight to other player. For those that opt for a defensive strategy, your upgrade should be the town hall, followed by the walls, and then mortars, archer towers, and cannons, with mortar and air defence the most important towers. Ensure these are situated close to the middle with plenty of protection.

Don’t rush to upgrade your town hall if you are playing the defensive, and don’t neglect your barracks either as you can queue troops there or get a refund on those in the queue later on.

It’s much the same when taking an offensive strategy, build up that town hall, and get elixir production running and stockpile resources immediately. Then build your army by constructing upgraded barracks and camps, which can be outside your walls as they don’t provide resources to raiders.

Then upgrade the laboratory, spell factory and gold mines, although some players keep these low in order to attack lower-level players, so take a bit of care which player you attack early on.

Next tip is shields up, if you are attacked you’ll probably lose 40-percent of your town, and you’ll have a 12-hour shield, but if 90-percent is destroyed you will get an extra 4-hour’s shielding, but remember not to attack anyone during this shield time as it will cancel the shielding immediately.

During this time of safety use it to your advantage, like how to build up your army, or improve your economy, stockpile or spend resources, or upgrade towers before the shield runs out. Remember though, Clan Wars do not have any effect on your shield timers.

The next tip is you should learn the lay of the land. Ensure you get plenty of walls up to protect your resources, and there are no gaps. Ensure there aren’t any spawnable tiles within your perimeter.

A vital move is to put your building in small compartments surrounded by upgraded walls that will slow down an enemies advance. And make sure you have the most powerful defences at the centre of your base.

Another tip is making sure you pick your targets carefully. Find out an enemies town hall level, because if it is considerably lower then yours you cut of the spoils will be that much lower. You will see what resources you’ll get by plundering, so make sure they cover the cost that you spent on troops.

Be aware of what resources you are after before deploying troops, and if you are after trophies you will need to put in a lot more troops to achieve 2 or 3 stars on the raid, and you will need to tap elixir reserves to replenish resources for troops.

Initially use giants to draw tower fire followed by wall breakers and then more giants to clean up. Once areas have been cleaned you can send in archers, barbarians and wizards to chew on structures, and your goblins can search out the resources.

However be mindful of just how many troops you deploy, as you will wan a win without killing off too many, and remember you do not have direct control over your troops, so know what your troop unit’s favourite targets are and deploy them accordingly.

The next tip is making sure you get raiding buddies. When you have gone through the single player levels, maxed-out your village level, and reconstructed your castle, you can get into clan play. With Clan Play you get to socialise with other along with coordinating attacks.

Although the gamer can use clans to call in back up, you will also be expect to supply your own troops as well. Communicate regularly, seek advice from senior members, but above all have fun, it’s a team effort.

Another tip is making sure you punch your weight in Clan Wars. Your strategy should be to attack un-starred villages firstly as both you and your clan will gain the most from attacking them. If you are selecting targets for the first time in Clan Wars, allow the game’s matchmaking select a good opponent.

If you succeed against tougher opponents, your lower level allies will see a difficult time with an equivalent challenge increase, but if you opt for easy opponents you are taking away good opponents for the lower level allies that will force them to take on battles they will not be able to win.

Lastly, there is making sure you tailor your armies in Clan Wars. Before the war starts you will have an entire day so use the scout function to get the lay of the land, and then construct your army around defending it.

If air defences aren’t upgrades then go air, if the walls are low-level then go land. Be specific in clan chat for requesting what type of troops you wish to send in. And identify weaknesses and strengths of your targets.

So there you have it, a few helpful tips for those causal gamers that are playing Clash of Clans.