Destiny cheats more complex with God Mode

Once again, if you happen to be a gamer that isn’t against using the odd cheat to progress through a game, and although infinite ammo cheat for Destiny is already available, there seems to be more cheats available.

The Destiny cheats get more complex with God Mode, as you will be able to see in the video we have embedded below, in which gamers can enter a special menu so they can tell the game what cheats they would like to enable, reports Kotaku.

This particular cheat is for Destiny on the Xbox 360; however, according to the article, and a different YouTube video, they are not for the average Destiny gamer, but rather for those that have modded consoles.


However, the poster of the video does state that the New Destiny Mods online with a new “Destiny Trainer” is just a showcase of what can be done, and is at present private, and will not be released, and neither will the Source Code.

But as the article states, these Destiny cheats are available to anyone, which they say is ‘troubling’ and although they have not heard widespread reports of Destiny cheaters, they have contacted Bungie to inquire how they are dealing with it.