DriveClub tips in becoming a racing legend

If you are a PS4 gamer playing DriveClub, and would like to get the best diving experience from your gaming time, and don’t mind taking advantage of a few tips when playing, we have a few tips that will help you become that driving legend.

If you really want to become a driving legend on DriveClub, the first thing you need to do is get a good feel for the controls so that when hitting high speeds take care when gong around turns, as the game does not have Forza Horizon 2’s driving assist, reports Primagames.

Make sure you avoid collisions with signs, rails and stuff, as you will be penalised. Master the turn with ample breaking; don’t simply slam down the breaks unless the situation requires it. And be afraid of driving defensively either, hitting other races won’t damage you too much whilst the penalty is largely irrelevant, so block adversaries when required.


When it comes to drifting, it works differently in DriveClub with a more realistic approach, so gain a decent speed whilst tapping the handbrake to avoid spinning out. However when it come to heavier turns you will need to rely on typical braking so you don’t hit the wall.

Tap the emergency brake when you head into a turn, then stop tapping and accelerate as you go into it, and you will feel yourself starting to drift, but attempt to level out as you exit the turn. Of course this will require some practice to achieve, but if you feel you have made too many errors you can always restart, as you will not lose any cast as a result.

With DriveClub drifting is vital, firstly it give you a fair amount of acceleration, and its always good to have speed, and secondly the game does feature drift challenges whereby you are clocked by the time spent in the drift, so practice, practice, practice.

Then there is the social aspect of DriveClub, join a club so you can earn points with a team. Earn extra cash to buy other vehicles such as elite class cars whilst challenging rival squads.

Choosing a club allows you to have friends, and you will learn each other’s tactics, and work together as a team to beat opponents. If you don’t know many people that are playing DriveClub, you can join other groups based on invites you get within the game or via messages from the PlayStation Network.

New teams could possibly introduce you to potential allies that will aid you in gaining first place victories. But don’t be afraid to experiment, whilst bringing your top notch driving skills. Also look for online challenges, with DriveClub clubs throwing out challenges all the time, and accepting one will give you the chance to pull in more cash and unlock further vehicles.

There you are, just a couple of tips on how to become that racing legend in DriveClub.

  • Jerry Lane

    DriveClub tips in becoming a racing legend

    #1 ~ Buy a racing game that works

  • GODabove09

    Tips…steer, accelerate and brake.