FIFA 15 mobile tips for best team and players

If you happen to be a gamer on the Android and iOS mobile platforms, and enjoy playing FIFA 15, but would like a few tips on how to maximise your efforts by building the best team and players, we have a few tips for you today.

If you are new to FIFA 15, the gamer begins the game with your own team and build it up using the best players, rather than starting out with an existing team. And the tips below will enable you to max up your score, chemistry and position matches and ratings, courtesy of Writerparty.

FIFA 15 beginners will normally want to fill up their team with the most highest rated cards available, so load up with gold cards right from the outset, make your team all gold, and then begin fine tuning.


Once that is accomplished you can begin the process of tuning your team for chemistry. In order to accomplish maximum chemistry is to have players from the same team playing next to each other. With the same nationality and league also work for chemistry.

Once that is done you need to locate any weak points, and look for players that will boost specific stats, so if speed is a bit of a problem then get a high PAC, whilst a high SHO will make for good goal shooting. A high DEF will increase your defence, whilst a high PAS will increase passing and receiving skills.

A high PHY delivers physical toughness, whilst a high DRI delivers better dribbling skills for an easier time at keeping the ball and faster direction change.

With your goalie the statistics are different with diving, reflexes and positioning your most important. So ensure you locate a goalie that specialises in those stats.

Next begin fine tuning your team further by optimising the statistics by position, for example a defender should have a high defence rating whilst a striker would have a high shooting rating and so on.

If a player is playing out of position, the best indicator of how close to their optimal position is the foot indicator with Red indicating they hate that position, Orange means they are fine with it, and Green means they like that position. So change your formation around and experiment so that your formation in optimal for increasing chemistry and ratings.

Different formations will compensate for organizational weakness and transform the in to strengths such as if your offence isn’t too good, make your formation with 2 or 4 strikers, whilst if defence isn’t that good then do the opposite. Generally though it is best to get a balanced formation.

The surest way to increase chemistry, position rating and stuff is to use the transfer market. Looks by club and league, and attempt to pick up players from the same club along with using that club’s formation, or opt for getting players from the same league that will max ratings, or even go with the same nationality.

Your gold players that do not match can be sold on the transfer market. Auction off your gold players and set the buy-it-now price in the middle of the market value, or a tad higher depending on how long you wish the auction to run, and when you bid, if at all possible try to slap your bid in during the last hour of the auction.

Use the chemistry style cards to determine which team statistics will get a boost from high chemistry, as everyone starts out with basic chemistry style. Use the chemistry style on your players depending on position for their position and their desired stats, meaning defenders are best served with a defensive chemistry style, and so on.

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