Legend of Grimrock 2 walkthrough in 9 stages

Just for those gamers that are playing the dungeon crawling role-playing game Legends of Grimrock 2 that are in need of a little help in progressing through the game, perhaps a little walkthrough of Legend of Grimrock 2 might help you out.

So that is exactly what we have for Legends of Grimrock 2 players, a video walkthrough of the role-playing game in nine atages. Of course you will need to set aside quite a bit of time to check them all out, as each of the walkthrough videos is between 27 and 43 minutes in length.

If you are playing Legend of Grimrock 2 you will know that a group of four prisoners have been shipwrecked on the isle of Nex, which is filled with mysterious shrines, underground mines, and dungeons, and ancient ruins. If those prisoners are to escape they must overcome those challenges.


Of course there are those gamers out there that think using a game walkthrough is a bit like cheating, so if you believe that then skip this walkthrough, but if you don’t mind seeing how its done then go ahead and check out all the footage from beginning to end.

Anyway that’s enough from me as I am sure if your are playing Legend of Grimrock 2 the extensive walkthrough below might come in pretty handy, so get to it and click that play button…enjoy.