Neighbours 30th Anniversary brings Madge and Harold back


On the 18th of March next year long running Aussie soap Neighbours hits their 30th Anniversary, and the production is set to reunite a couple of favourites from the television series, Madge and Harold Bishop, even though Madge was killed off back in 2001.

Yes folks even though Madge Bishop has been dead for 13 years, the producers are bringing her back from the dead, although they are keeping tight-lipped on just how they intend on doing it, but one can assume Madge will appear in ghostly form, reports Metro UK.

Soaps seem to enjoy bringing back dead characters from the past, as was evident in the Children in Need EastEnders special where fans saw the return of Cindy, Lucy, Pat and Kathy for the one-off special.


On the subject of returning for the Neighbours 30th Anniversary, Anne Charleston, who plays Madge has said, “It was an immediate yes when I was invited to return for the 30th Anniversary, I wouldn’t have missed it and I’m thrilled with the way their story unfolds.”

Ian Smith, retired from playing Harold Bishop back in 2009, and has said, “I spent half my working life on Neighbours and so it’s lovely to be back with Anne and all the cast and crew.”

Kylie Minogue has already confirmed she will not be returning for the 30th Anniversary saying, “It’s just not happening.”

Will you be watching the 30th Anniversary episode of Neighbours?