Thunderbirds Are Go full trailer delivers first look at the action

If you are of a certain age you might remember the British television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson back in the 60’s that used puppetry along with special effects to bring the world the Thunderbirds. The reboot of the series called Thunderbirds Are Go is launching next month, and now the first full trailer for the reboot series has become available.

The first Thunderbirds Are Go full trailer delivers our first good look at the Tracy’s in action, which you can view below, along with the famous vessels of International Rescue, and of course we get our very first glimpse of the baddie in the series, The Hood, although only in the shadows.

This first footage shows of the Tracy brothers Scott, Virgil, John, Alan, and Gordon along with Brains of course, and a quick glimpse of Lady Penelope’s updated pink Rolls Boyce, and of course the new series includes that famous countdown to announcing Thunderbirds Are Go.


The difference with the reboot of course is that ITV has lost the puppetry of the original sixties series, and gone for a combo of CGI and live-action model work.

Have to say, I was a fan of the Thunderbirds back in my youth, so I just might have to take a look at Thunderbirds Are Go when the series kicks off on the 15th of April on CITV…enjoy the new footage.