EastEnders returns 30th Anniversary tribute favour to Neighbours

EastEnders fans will know that the much-loved soap has just seen its 30th Anniversary, and rival Aussie soap Neighbours delivered a little video tribute in celebration of that accomplishment. And now the EastEnders cast has returned the tribute favour.

What we have for our EastEnders and Neighbours fans below is a 30th Anniversary tribute video whereby Albert Square is renamed Ramsey Square, and in which Neighbours original star Jason Donovan asks a couple of Walford residents, Ian Beale and Ben Mitchell, where he can find the Queen Vic.

Ian Beale then responds with “You’re not from around these parts are you?”


Mick and Nancy Carter get in on the act as the pair seem to be disposing of a body, whilst Aunt Babe is cooking up something that involves cyanide, whilst Kat tells Alfie to shove his ring ‘down under.” And that cyanide laced trifle Babe knocked up, well that is for Jason Donovan, who has somehow found himself tied up in the Queen Vic, with Babe letting him know that she’s make it especially for him.

The Australian soap celebrates its 30th Anniversary on Wednesday this week and will see the return of some of Neighbours most popular stars from its past….enjoy EastEnders tribute to its Aussie counterpart.