Furious 7 gets a new international trailer

With the seventh installment in the speed and action enthused Fast and Furious franchise due to hit cinema screens across the globe in a couple of weeks time, a new international trailer for Furious 7 has now been made available.

To be quite honest, I have seen so much footage from Furious 7 in the form of trailers, teasers, clips, TV spots, behind the scenes footage and so on over the past months it has become somewhat difficult for me to differentiate between previously seen footage and what might be new.

So I’ll leave it up to the fans to decide whether the new international Furious 7 trailer, which you can view below does include any new footage or not, but the trailer does open with Vin Diesel reiterating that family is the most important thing, and that their old life is gone, words which seem to kick off every bit of footage thus far.


Although whether the new trailer includes new footage or not probably doesn’t matter to the fans of the franchise, all they want to see is footage from Paul Walkers last movie, as no doubt they can’t wait for Furious 7 to release on the 3rd of April.

So with that said, I wont go over old ground on who stars in Furious 7, but rather just let you check out the new international trailer below…enjoy.