Men in Black new trilogy on the cards

Personally I enjoyed Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the Men in Black movies, although Men in Black 3 did take things a bit far with the whole time travel thing. However, it appears that Hollywood isn’t quite done the Men in Black.

There has been some talk in the past about reviving the Men in Black franchise, with one rumour connecting the new Men in Black film with the 21 Jump Street franchise. However the latest word is a new Men in Black trilogy is now on the cards at Sony Pictures, reports Coming Soon.

In a recent interview, producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald revealed that a new trilogy was in development, with Parkes saying… “We’re in the middle of it. It’s very active,” whilst MacDonald confirmed, “It will be reinvented as a trilogy.”


Unfortunately though it appears that Will Smith will not be the lead in the new trilogy, as the actor wasn’t a part of their discussions.

The original 1997 Men in Black pulled in a massive 589 million dollars globally, whist in 2002 Men in Black II pulled in 440 million globally, and in 2012 Men in Black III managed to take the most with 620 million dollars globally.

But the question has to be would a new Men in Black trilogy do just as well without Smith? More as and when we hear.