Sherlock Christmas special first trailer looks exciting


Every fan of hit BBC detective series Sherlock knows that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are returning as the sleuthing duo for a one-off Christmas special, and that the special episode has a twist in the form of rather than being set in modern times, the duo go back to Victorian times.

Now the BBC has released the first trailer for the Sherlock Christmas special, which you can view below, where fans get to see Sherlock and Watson go about their detective business, and fans get to see Benedict Cumberbach in the more familiar garb associated with the famous detective, the deerstalker and pipe.

The new footage kicks off with Sherlock saying, “The stage is set, the curtain rises…we are ready to begin,” although the footage doesn’t really reveal what fans can expect from the Christmas special other than it will no doubt be one exciting episode.


It’s been two years since the last episode of Sherlock, and the fourth series is expected to kick off production next year to be aired in 2017, but unfortunately fans still don’t know just when the Sherlock special will hit television screens, and the trailer simply states ‘coming soon,’ although we do know it will be sometime in December.

So for now you can get your Sherlock fix by watching this first trailer…enjoy.