EastEnders Dean to strike again

I’m sure every EastEnders fan really wants Dean Wicks to get his comeuppance over his rape of his sister-in-law Linda Carter, but as yet Dean has seemingly gotten away with it. However, Dean actor Matt Di Angelo will be leaving the hit UK soap next year, but before then fans will see Dean get what he deserves.

But before Dean faces justice, he will strike again, as according to a report by Yahoo Celebrity, the BBC is working with Rape Crisis on a new storyline that will air over the coming months that will include ‘shocking scenes’ of Wicks attempting to rape Roxy Mitchell.

A Rape Crisis spokesperson has previously said, “EastEnders has covered every other conceivable issue, If sexual violence or rape what the only big topic EastEnders never approached, it would reinforce the idea of sexual violence is unspeakable. Because people relate to soaps they can have a social impact and make people feel less alone or encourage them to come forward and seek support for the first time.”


EastEnders producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has revealed that the conclusion to the story is worth the wait and has said… “There is justice. And how it’s meted out will be satisfying but shocking too.”

So there you have it, Dean will strike again in Albert Square before finally getting his just deserts, but whether that will be delivered by the law or by Mick Carter remains to be seen.