Universal wants Angelina Jolie to play a classic monster

Angelina Jolie is one very talented actress starring in action, romance, drama, fantasy movies, whilst her latest venture was to direct and star in relationship drama By The Sea, which is backed by Universal of course, and it appears that the studio is looking for a favour from Jolie in return for that backing.

The word is that Universal is eyeing Angelina Jolie for a monster role in a new movie, and the rumour is that the studio’s decision to back By the Sea was so that Jolie would return the favour and agree to star in their monster movie remake Bride of Frankenstein, reports Cinema Blend.

The Bride of Frankenstein remake was announced way back as part of Universal classic monster movies relaunch that would see remakes of such monster classics as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and of course Bride of Frankenstein.


According to the article, if Angelina Jolie does agree to sign on the dotted line, it would appear that it would be a long term investment for both the actress and the studio. However, none of the above has been confirmed and as such it remains in the land of rumour for now… more if or when we hear.