Was Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War trailer?

Now that Marvel has released our first look at footage from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War there are plenty of fans going over the footage frame by frame to glean as much info as humanly possible. We know Spider-Man will appear in the movie, but did he pop up in the first trailer?

Apparently some fans have gone over the footage and seem to believe that Spider-Man did show up in the Captain America: Civil War footage, and you can check out what some believe is the web-spinner in the footage below.

However, the guys over at Cinema Blend believe those fans have got it wrong, and the person in the footage isn’t Spider-Man, and they say although the image is rather blurred it is quite obvious all people are seeing is a guy in a red shirt.


Their reasoning for believing this is firstly the guy is walking on the pavement, something Spider-Man doesn’t usually do when in costume, and secondly it doesn’t look like the guy is wearing a costume as his pants and face don’t appear to be red, although they do say this could be down to a shadow Falcon is casting as he swoops down, but they do say they could be wrong.

I have checked out the footage several times, and personally I found it difficult to decide one way or another, so I’ll simply let you decide for yourself…

What do you think, is that our first look at Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War?