WWE Wrestlemania 28: Undertaker Vs Who? – 20-0 Opponents


It might not have been the main event at Wrestlemania 27, but it was definitely the best in our opinion. If you watched the PPV live, you'll probably guess that we're talking about The Undertaker Vs Triple HHH match in which The Phenom managed to prevail to extend his streak to 19-0. So the … [Read more...]

Wrestlemania 28: The Rock Vs John Cena – Result Expectations


If you watched the recent Wrestlemania 27 PPV, you'll know that the big talking point was the fact that The Rock was the deciding factor in the main event WWE title match between John Cena and The Miz. The Miz retained the title due to The Rock getting his revenge on Cena with a Rock Bottom, and … [Read more...]

Sin Cara: Watch WWE Debut Video – Better than Rey Mysterio or not?


If you watched Monday night Raw just a few hours ago, you'll know that Sin Cara, also known as Mistico made his long awaited debut on WWE television. We have the debut video to show you now, and we want to know your opinions on his high flying wrestling style. If you previously hadn't heard of … [Read more...]

WWE Wrestlemania 27: Results – Undertaker 19-0, Good Ending or Not


The highly anticipated match between The Undertaker and HHH at Wrestlemania may not have been the final match of the night, but it certainly didn't disappoint. As stated above, The Undertaker again prevailed, bringing his amazing winning streak at Wrestlemania to 19-0. After an introduction to … [Read more...]

Best Movie Kisses of all time: What is your Favorite?


It is a question which often divides many, but we're going to open that debate once again here on IE. In your opinion, what are your best movie kisses of all time? Is there a clear winner like Romeo and Juliet, or do you think another movie takes the title? Romeo and Juliet is a strong candidate … [Read more...]