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Jermaine Wants Michael to Become Muslim

Jermaine Jackson is such a calming man and he puts this down to converting to Islam and he feels that his brother Michael Jackson should also convert and become Muslim as it would help him cope with his stardom and also give him protection from all the »

Harry Potter’s Appears Naked on Stage

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has shocked many people who know the young star by appearing naked on stage in the West End while performing in the production of »

Brandy May Face Manslaughter According to the CHP

Things are set to get even more serious for Brandy because the CHP (California Highway Patrol) has recommended that she should face vehicular manslaughter to the local prosecutors, it has been proven that there was nothing wrong with the »

Helen Mirren and Jack Nicholson Voted Sexiest Oldies

In a vote carried out by Lovefilm.com the first place winners of sexiest older woman and older man was Helen Mirren, 61 and Jack Nicholson, 69 they beat of stiff competition from Sophia Loren, Meryl Streep and also Judi Dench while in the »

Japan is down the Pan for Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne was quoted as saying that she could never live in Japan, after spending two months out there while filming Turning Japanese a new TV series on ITV2 she found that she just could not get on with those toilets, all you do is sit there and do »

Fast Food Workers Insulted by Kevin Federline Ad

In an upcoming commercial that is to be aired during the Super Bowl we see that Kevin Federline is a huge rap star but he is only day dreaming and once he snaps out of »

Cruise to become the new Christ of Scientology

Tom Cruise is said to be the new Christ of Scientology, this is according to leader David Miscavige, he quotes as saying “Cruise will spread the word and be worshipped just like Jesus and will spread the word of this new faith all »

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