Angry Birds

New Angry Birds Toons for the dedicated fan

New Angry Birds Toons for the dedicated fan

Whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying that the Angry Birds have been a huge success as AB merchandise continues to fly off the shelves. Over the last year or so, we’ve seen Angry Birds get their claws into allsorts, with everything from stuffed toys and T-shirts to Star Wars orientated figures and board games. What’s next you may ask? Well, Rovio’s popular videogame characters ar... »

Angry Birds Star Wars release coincides with toy range

Angry Birds Star Wars release coincides with toy range

Monday looks set to not only be a great day that will see a huge push for Toy’s R Us in the build up to the holiday season, but also within the app market as well, as we should learn details about an Angry Birds Star Wars release, which will coincide with a toy range as well. It certainly looks as though Lucasfilm are setting themselves up for a great Christmas period. According to one sourc... »

Green Day immortalized on Angry Birds

It looks like Green Day are set to be immortalized as characters on Angry Birds, as this popular game will have the band featuring as pig characters, along with music from their upcoming new album. This is great for fans of both as the game is available now, months before their triple album release. Rovio’s partnership with Green Day starring in their own episode of Angry Birds Friends on Facebook... »

News of Angry Birds rival excites Rovio

The success that Rovio has had with its Angry Birds franchise has not only shocked them but also us as well, but the company knows that they cannot keep all their eggs in one basket (sorry for the pun) so it’s for this reason they have purchased the intellectual property rights to the game Casey’s Contraptions. It’s clear to see that this news will excite Rovio because it will al... »

Angry Birds Space: Properties of matter and energy

There seems to have been some misconception as to what laws of physics the Angry Birds franchise uses, because it was once thought to be owed to Isaac Newton. However, it now seems as though the franchise uses it own laws of gravity and Angry Birds Space seems to stretch science even further from actuality. There’s an interesting article that has looked closely at the properties of the matte... »

Those behind Angry Birds Space hunt talent

Rovio Entertainment understands that they will soon come under pressure from another app developer because being complacent would be foolish, so they have taken steps to try and secure their future success. The step they have taken was acquiring Futuremark Games Studio, who is also in the game development business. While Angry Birds Space is number 1 in the download charts on the App Store, Rovio ... »

Angry Birds Space app meets varied reactions

The release of Angry Bird Space proves that the hype surrounding the franchise shows no signs of slowing, the new app is not going to cater for all tastes, which is why there have been varied reactions. However, with over 10 million copies of the game being downloaded since its release until yesterday it proves one thing, most fans love the new direction Some of the first reviews did begin rather ... »

MIA: Angry Birds Space not for all

If you were one of those who were guilty of assuming that Rovio had lost their grip on the app market, then you’ll be interested to know that their new Angry Birds Space has already topped Apple’s App Store charts in a number of countries, which proves that the franchise has not lost its appeal. However, while it’s great that iOS, Mac, and Android users are now enjoying the new v... »

Angry Birds motion control evolution

A tech demo showing Angry Birds in motion control evolution has brought new life to the popular game with the help of Belgian-based company SoftKinetic. The leading developer of gesture- based platforms for consumer electronics uses a DepthSense DS311 camera, which is similar to the Xbox Kinect. The motion control for the PC allows Angry Birds to be played by gesture and involves the same familiar... »

Angry Birds vs Super Mario Bros.

Is Angry Birds the next Super Mario Bros? This is a question that is popping up a lot lately, both games are highly addictive, Mario is what some would call old school and Angry Birds is the one taking all top slots as most played free game. Time for Angry Birds vs Super Mario Bros. Angry Birds is a sensation according to the press, with its games, merchandise, possible movie etc, Digital Hippos b... »