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New BF3 Aftermath and End Game weapons removed

New BF3 Aftermath and End Game weapons removed

It seems that some content has been removed for the new Battlefield 3 DLC, according to recent reports from the official BF3 Twitter account both Aftermath and End Game have had the weapons removed. These add-ons were supposed to include new weapons, although confirmation by EA shows that this will not be the case. A similar situation was experienced with the Armored Kill DLC as 5 vehicles unlocks... »

Battlefield 3 enhancement mod makes enemies more visible

Battlefield 3 enhancement mod makes enemies more visible

A Battlefield 3 enhancement mod which makes enemies more visible has been released by players to get an edge over their opponent, apparently it looks similar to Battlefield 1943, but DICE are not impressed with this and regard it as a hack. Those using it could be looking at permanent ban unless they create another account, so this is a warning to players that implement this. According to a twitte... »

Fresh BF3 assignments have a catch

Fresh BF3 assignments have a catch

News of five more assignments in the multiplayer section of Battlefield 3 comes with conditions, and although some gamers are used to this occurring more often in today’s titles those wanting to experience these assignments will have to be a Premium member. In some cases, there are many incentives for signing up, so we thought we’d run though what is involved for those intrigued whether this is wo... »

Fixes for BF3 Armored Kill DLC outlined

As with all new DLC for any game there will always be a number of issues that will need to be rectified, and the Battlefield 3 Armored Kill DLC is no exception. Thankfully there are a number of fixes inbound, which have been outlined for us from DICE lead designer Gustav Halling. The update to Armored Kill will be released either late this week or early next week and will be made available for not... »

BF3 patch, re-learning weapons again

Today is a big day for Battlefield 3 fans because not only will some of you be getting the new Armored Kill DLC, but you’ll also be treated to something a little extra, and that’s a new patch to coincide with the new content. However, it’s not all-good news because like other recent patches the weapons have been messed with, which means you will be re-learning the weapons once ag... »

BF3 support dictated by fans, BF4 a factor

With only three more DLC packs expected for Battlefield 3 the mission is supposed to be over, although there are suggestions that this could carry on until the release of BF4. DICE Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus has said that even though many fans are looking forward to the next game, support for BF3 will continue if the fans interest remains high. This puts the ball in the fans court and the more ... »

BF3 Armored Kill DLC vehicle inventory concerns

With the Battlefield 3 Armored Kill DLC fast approaching there’s much to be excited about, but there is a concern that the 20 new vehicles are not enough for the size of the maps that will be available, especially Bandar Desert. The problem is some of the smaller maps have had just about as many vehicles, so you would have assumed that a bigger inventory would have been made available. There... »

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill vehicles and locations footage

Yesterday DICE and EA revealed a brand new gameplay trailer featuring two maps from Battlefield 3’s DLC Armored Kill, and we are eager to see what is involved as far as new vehicles, locations and gameplay changes are concerned. This expansion pack is expected to include some of the largest Battlefield maps and Bandar Desert is one of them contained in the upcoming DLC. Looking at some great scree... »

Inspiration for BF3 Bandar Desert discussed

With some informative explanations from one of the designers at DICE, we are able to get some insight into the inspiration for Bandar Desert in Battlefield 3. This is the new map in the Armored Kill DLC and apparently, it is the biggest map in the history of the game, so we are intrigued about the elements involved in preparation for the expansion pack that will be coming in September. When it com... »

New Battlefield 3 weapon found in glitch

Having spent many hours with Battlefield 3 we all assumed that we had seen all the weapons available to us, but it seems as though we were wrong, as a new weapon has been found. If you find yourself without any C4 or even an RPG then you could consider a Med Pack. Now you may wonder how such an item usually associated with treating the injured could inflict pain on others. The Assault Class Med Pa... »

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