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Black Ops 2 and BF3 devs cheap shot

When we first learned that Black Ops 2 was to have a futuristic setting it wasn’t long before the negative comments started to come in, and while this part of the game has been left alone for some time it seems as though no one has told DICE that. The reason we say this is because the general manager of Battlefield 3, Karl Magnus thought it would be good to take a cheap shot at the next Call... »

Coordinate your Matches in Battlefield 3

You have to love how Battlefield 3 is embracing the online competitive play for the community of players; the latest proof of this is with the latest features called Matches. With this new feature you will be able to take more control of what your friends and squad members do by coordinating competitive multiplayer sessions, which is great for those who just wants a match that is tailored just how... »

Battlefield 3 mod tools seen in Battlemon mashup

A recent Battlemon mashup video on YouTube is a great way to see some Battlefield 3 mod tools making an appearance in a crazy mix between Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon and Battlefield. In this, viewers get the opportunity to see some fun action with some hilarious lyrics. YouTube’s member Wintergore has created a brief glimpse of what we would be getting if there were mod tools for Battlefield 3, and ... »

Improving Battlefield 3 Conquest Domination maps

Hints of improvements to Battlefield 3 Conquest Domination maps have been discussed by lead gameplay designer Alan Kertz, and apparently this brand new game mode could be making its way to Vanilla and Back to Karkand Battlefield 3 maps. Realizing that Conquest: Domination has become rather popular his reaction to this is that “it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise”. Being the close quarter’s v... »

Battlefield 3 dinosaur mode

Certain Call of Duty titles have their Zombies mode so it’s about time that BF3 fans had something similar to help bring the community even closer together. There have been varied suggestions but one of the more popular ones is a Battlefield 3 dinosaur mode because this has been the topic of conversation even before the game was released late last year. Nothing has been confirmed as yet beca... »

BF3 double XP weekend start time by region

DICE and EA are always looking for ways to promote the Battlefield 3 Close Quarters expansion pack and what better way than a BF3 double XP weekend. The event will run from June 16- 17 and we’ll list the start time by region below. The double XP will be available for everyone no matter what map you are currently playing, but just remember that you need to be playing on a ranked server. How g... »

New vehicles of Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

We already know that Battlefield Premium members now have access to Close Quarters DLC, but fans are already looking ahead to the new piece of content later in the year, which is called Battlefield 3: Armored Kill and comes with five new types of vehicles. These will include ATVs, destroyers, mobile artillery and tanks. The map is larger than we have seen before, which does help when you have more... »

Battlefield 3 June 4 patch notes, Close Quarters on 12th

Battlefield 3 June 4 patch notes, Close Quarters on 12th

This is a quick update for our Battlefield 3 readers that are downloading the next patch today, and want to get the full notes with changes for this BF3 patch. You can see the change log below this article, which includes changes broken down by gadgets, the soldier, vehicles, and weapon related changes. While this Battlefield 3 patch is going live today it’s worth noting an update to servers did c... »

Substantial Battlefield 3 patch before E3 detailed

A substantial patch for Battlefield 3 will be available prior to the E3 event and is expected to add colorblind support and a custom rules symbol along with some other minor improvements. As we look at some of the details for the more prominent fixes the main concerns are an overpowered M26 loadout, slightly reduce suppression effect and icons for servers running custom games. Improvements involve... »

Battlefield 3 Premium subscription cost and features

One of the major concerns for the Battlefield 3 Premium subscription was cost and if the features would be worth it, although we didn’t know all the facts when we first heard about the new service to be offered to BF3 fans. While we still haven’t had official confirmation, a leak has landed on our lap thanks to a tip by one of our readers. It now seems that all you need to know about t... »

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