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Cross-platform production is problematic for Bethesda

Cross-platform production is problematic for Bethesda

We all remember the issues surrounding Skyrim DLC on the PS3 and many gamers felt that Bethesda bit of more than they could chew trying to bring their expansion to the Sony console. With the next-gen systems on the horizon we are intrigued to know how they will fair when it comes to bringing The Elder Scrolls Online to the new consoles. According to reports, Bethesda are impressed with the new Xbo... »

Fallout 4 isn’t BS social teaser

Fallout 4 isn’t BS social teaser

An image of an unnamed game is not a social teaser by Bethesda Softworks of Fallout 4 according to reports, although the image above has caused plenty of speculation about what it could be. There is a notion this game could be a sci-fi shooter, and some have suggested this could be a new Wolfenstein game from Starbreeze veterans. The last title teased by Bethesda turned out to be The Evil Within f... »

Skyrim: Black Star quest detailed visually

Now that Skyrim is over two weeks old we are now beginning to draw up a good picture on the quests that you take part in. Having already discussed a few of these with you, we felt that the Black Star quest needed to be detailed visually. We have located four videos for you, which runs for just under an hour in all. The edited version to start and finish this quest is to go to the Azura Shrine, the... »

Cure Skyrim disease

There are many dangers that await you in the world of Skyrim – no not marriage – and illness is one of them. Today we will be looking at how you can cure Skyrim disease, which can be contracted in a many number of ways. You will be happy to know that all of these diseases can be cured, but did you know that they could affect certain aspects of the game? In many cases the first time you know you ha... »

Skyrim: Thieves Guild pros and The Dark Brotherhood

There are pros to joining both the Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, but you have to make certain of one or two things before you commit to joining one or both. There has been some confusion, as some of our readers thought you could not join the former if you are a member of the latter, as you are not allowed to murder someone. This is technically true, but you can still join both,... »

Boundless Skyrim dragons with code

You may wonder what we are going on about ‘Boundless Skyrim dragons with code’, well it seems as though you can get unlimited dragons in the game with a new mod. Back when Bethesda was first talking about their new game The Elder Scrolls V, we were looking forward to exploring the vast expanse, as well as battling a few of these mythical creatures on the way. We know how big the game is, so you wi... »

Truths about Skyrim marriage and divorce

We already explained to you how to go about getting married, but there are a few truths to Skyrim marriage and divorce that you need to be made aware of. The first thing you will need to know is just how loveless it all is, as one minute you are either in battle or talking to your bride to be, and the next you are walking down the aisle. How many weddings have you been to where you can get married... »

Skyrim dragon armor: Forging visualized

There has been some confusion over which is the best armor to go for out of Daedric or Dragon armor in Skyrim. The reason for this is because the former requires a smithing level of 90 and the latter 100. However, you have to consider which is the best for you, as one is much lighter than the other. One thing is certain; all those spikes do look awesome. The Dragon level of smithing will give you ... »

Enchanted weapons in Skyrim need max difficulty

The idea of enchanted weapons in Skyrim is certainly a good one, but there is a drawback to this, as it makes the game too easy. It’s for this reason why you should change from adept and select the max setting instead. Doing this will make the game more of a challenge, as being able to go through the game and killing your foes with ease is not appealing. What’s the point of having a game like Skyr... »

Changes for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

So you have been playing the game for a couple of weeks now but what changes would you like to see for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? It’s hard to think of what changes need to be made, especially when you haven’t even starched the surface of the game. Nevertheless there are still a few issues, such as lag, but let’s not worry about those, we want to look at the light-hearted missing features instea... »

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