Skyrim: Standing stones described with locations

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a huge game, and finding bonuses and goodies within it can be quite hard if you do not know where to look, so today how about Standing stones described with locations? The Standing Stones are very good indeed, where some effects are plenty, where some offer a player unlocking expert level locks, faster experience gain, and even improved regeneration. Standing Stones ... »

Next Skyrim patch: Wish list for PS3/PC/Xbox 360

After recent findings in the last Skyrim patch 1.2, lets think what is needed for the next patch in the way of fixes and additional features. The latest patch fixes many things within the game such as texture problems (or does it?) that has been noted in the Xbox 360 version, but according to a few gamers more problems have occurred like Dragon flying backwards and in some cases not even landing. ... »

Skyrim PS3 limitations and issues not easily fixed

Many PS3 gamers of the new Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are experiencing awful lag and limitations, and new findings explains that this issue is not easily fixed. There are clearly problems judging on what players are saying with lag, especially when save game file gets bigger. The bigger the save game file gets the slower Skyrim gets, Kotaku hits on something very interesting and well worth reading. T... »

Impact of Skyrim glitches

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a massive following and it is receiving mixed feelings by gamers according to many sources online, CVG has even said that buying a Bethesda game at launch is a risky move, this may be a little harsh but glitches are happening with Skyrim. Many gamers have come forward to say that the new game has various bugs and glitches, CVG hits on a few issues such as dragon bor... »

Skyrim: Best race for assassin and perfecting role

The possibilities within Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the way you live, the path you take is astonishing to say the least. The Bethesda’s game has so much to offer and being an assassin is one option in the game players love, but what is the best race and what should be done in perfecting the role? Gamma Lounge has put together a fantastic guide on how to become the perfect master assassin. th... »

Skyrim news: Dragon priest masks and locations

Always great to see new Skyrim news and the latest covers Dragon priest masks and locations, these masks are basically the Skyrim equivalent of Liches and can be found near ‘Word Walls’. These high-level bosses that worship Dragons and in life were skilled Nordic mages, even in death they can carry on their service guarding the Word Walls that can facilitate the learning of Dragon shouts. Politica... »

Skyrim CrossFire support with AMD Catalyst 11.11b

A new performance driver update is ready for all to download, the AMD Catalyst 11.11b now gives Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim CrossFire support. This is for both Windows 7 and XP users. After a little digging we came across ‘Over Clock’ and found something worth thinking about, the new AMD Catalyst 11.11b may possibly cause screen corruption in Skyrim, this may only occur for a few users and is suggeste... »

Reducing Skyrim graphics with TF2 mode

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim players can make a few changes with the graphics; the latest news covers the reduction of Skyrim graphics with TF2 mode thanks to a Reddit user called ArmoredCalvalry. Gamers can play around with the graphical settings, where users can set at the lowest level, which means playing Skyrim on a PC with no textures at all. Gameranx have listed the how to guide. This amazing disc... »

Skyrim enchanting and fast leveling with spellcasting

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best games of the year to date, in the way of gameplay and what can be achieved. So many hidden goodies within that will help you a long your journey, let’s begin this epic trip through Skyrim with enchanting and fast leveling with spellcasting. Skyrim is a magical world and we would like to bring your attention to “Null Byte”, they have put a stunning gui... »

Skyrim house on Xbox 360 for free – apparent glitch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has many features, and it is the hidden ones that surface that become interesting. There is so much happening, such as marrying, gaining more skill and now the ability to buy a house, get married and move in together is the way things happen in real life, but what about in a virtual world? Buying a house is not needed in this game; players can get their own Skyrim house... »

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