Big Brother 11 winner (Jordan Lloyd) on CBS Early Show


The winner of Big Brother 11 was Jordan Lloyd, and as many of you know, seemed to have coasted her way through to the final. Her boyfriend, Jeff, was also in the house and this must have helped her mentally in the BB house. Lloyd has been talking to the CBS Early Show, which you can see in the video … [Read more...]

Big Brother 11: Winning with strategizing not needed


There are those who thought that winning Big Brother 11 was all about contestants strategizing, but it is not needed in a show like this. There are a number of viewers, who think that Jordan did not deserve to win the show, so how did she manage to win so many viewers over? … [Read more...]

Who Is Jordan Lloyd? Biography and Photos


As most of you probably know by now, “Big Brother 11” came to an end last night and 22-year old Jordan was crowned the winner. In last night’s finale, it came down to the last two houseguests, Natalie Martinez and Jordan Lloyd. … [Read more...]

Happy Jordan Lloyd is Big Brother 11 Winner?


We reported in an earlier post that the winner of Big Brother 11 was Jordan Lloyd, in which she walked hope with $500,000 in prize money. She won BB 11 by a 5 to 2 jury vote, the question is, are you happy that Jordan was the winner? … [Read more...]

Big Brother 11 Winner Jordan Lloyd: 2009 grand prize is $500000


After weeks and weeks of arguments, lies, nominations, evictions and competitions, “Big Brother 11” has finally crowned its winner, in last night’s finale. And according to reports from The Associated Press, it was 22-year old Jordan Lloyd that won. … [Read more...]