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Big Brother UK’s Kimberly in wedding talk

Big Brother UK’s Kimberly in wedding talk

I have to admit I’m not a lover of the Big Brother reality TV show, but there are many fans of the show that tune in to watch, and it appears that a couple of the house mates are falling for each other. Steve and Kimberley have already shared their first kiss, but it seems that Steve Goode is already thinking about the future, and that future might have wedding bells in it. On the subject of Kimbe... »

Winner of Big Brother 2014 is a one-horse race

Winner of Big Brother 2014 is a one-horse race

The grand final of Big Brother 2014 is almost here, and it wont be too long before we find out just who will win Celebrity Big Brother 2014. So will it be Jim Davidson, Dappy, Casey Batchelor, Luisa Zissman, Sam Faiers or Ollie Locke? According to bookies yesterday, funny man Jim Davidson was the favourite to win the show, but has that view changed since then? Well no according to a report by OK.c... »

Big Brother 10 Winner: Who will it be?

Tonight, we will see another contestant evicted from the Big Brother house, this will then leave just nine left and one-step closer to learning who the winner of Big Brother 10 will be. First we have to get tonight out of the way, and most would agree that Kris is the most likely to be evicted tonight. »

CBS: Big Brother 11 Premiere and Casting

If you are a fan of Big Brother, then you would have been pleased with the news that Big Brother 11 will premiere on Thursday, July 8 at 8 pm/ET on CBS. According to, July 12 is when the show will air three nights a week, which will be on Sunday at 8PM, Tuesdays at 9PM and Thursdays at 8PM. »

Big Brother 10: Are you watching in 2009?

A lot of pressure is on the shoulders of Big Brother 10, as it seems that each year the viewers go down. Channel 4 Bosses had a big decision to make, and that was how to make Big Brother 10 a success. The answer was simple, find as many strange people as you can and trap them in a house together. The question is, are you still watching BB? »

Big Brother 10: Will a pole dancer make you watch?

We wrote an article this morning saying that the Big Brother winner for 2009 will be a male, but we might have to take that back. There are those who think that Cardiff University student Stephanie Holland will do very well, as she is a pole dancer. The question is will she make you watch Big Brother 10. »

Swine Flu News: Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes and Chantelle Houghton

Ex Big Brother housemates, Chanelle Hayes and Chantelle Houghton are left in fear, as they have to undergo urgent medical test as they might have caught the deadly swine flu. The TV beauties were being checked out by private medics after they both enjoyed a luxury holiday in Mexico. »

Celebrity Big Brother News Update

The housemates in Celebrity Big Brother have chosen to save ex-boy band singer Ben Adams, which means he will not face the public vote. Head of house, Terry Christian had to nominate three housemates to face eviction. »

Big Brother Update: Darnell’s Temper and threats

Tempers have been flaring yet again in the Big Brother House, as Darnell has threatened to leave. Darnell was involved in a fiery row with Kathreya, which left the housemate in tears. On Sunday, Rex cracked a joke that the five previous Heads of House had been asked to choose between Kathreya and Sara who would receive a surprise eviction. Darnell and Mohamed said that they picked Kathreya; this c... »

Lisa evicted from the Big Brother House

Lisa has been evicted from the Big Brother House leaving just seven contestants to roam around the house. Many people had thought that it would be Sara who would be going as Lisa is very popular with the public, and has not had many arguments in the house. It has been a great day in the Big Brother House; as usual Rex has been his normal self, yes a complete dick. We all know how he has been bully... »

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