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Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell confirms he’s staying

Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell confirms he’s staying

Obviously when contestants go in for Britain’s Got Talent the one judge they really want comments from is of course Simon Cowell, and although Simon has left BGT before, there have been rumours he is going to leave the show once again. Apparently fans of Britain’s Got Talent got the wrong end of the stick when fellow judge, David Walliams, after the final of this years BGT took to his twitter acco... »

BGT 2014 First Semi-final delivers right result

BGT 2014 First Semi-final delivers right result

Well the first semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent was aired last night, in which viewers were treated to an array of acts, some disappointing whilst others excelled, but the show did deliver the right result. This week fans of Britain’s Got Talent will be able to see the battle of contestants each night throughout the week as 45 acts go head to head to reach the final. Last night’s show saw Collab... »

BGT 2014 kicks off April 12th

BGT 2014 kicks off April 12th

If you have been watching the new television advert for talent show Britain’s Got Talent, and have been wondering just when the popular TV show will hit the small screen, it has now been announced eighth series of BGT kicks off on Saturday the 12th of April. This eighth series the Britain’s Got Talent judge line-up remains unchanged, with Simon Cowell as head judge, and probably will still have to... »

US Reaction: Susan Boyle finale performance, Britain’s Got Talent

It would be interesting to see what the outcome of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 finale would have been if the United States were allowed to vote. We are sure Susan Boyle would have taken the crown. Why does the U.S. love Susan Boyle so much? »

Poll: Did Diversity deserve to win Britain’s Got Talent 2009?

What can I say about Britain’s Got Talent 2009, we certainly had some bad acts this year, but the final show made up for all that. Before we get on, I would just like to say that Diversity certainly pulled out all the stops in the final and I believe that they disserved to win, but did you think so? »

Poll: Who will win Britain’s Got Talent 2009?

We have now seen all five of the semi-final shows of Britain’s Got Talent 2009, and the final two to go through were Aidan Davis and Hollie Steel. The two youngsters join the other eight finalists, Diversity, Flawless, Julian Smith, Shaheen Jafargholi, Shaun Smith, Stavros Flatley, Susan Boyle and Two Grand. »

Aidan Davis vs. George Sampson: Britain’s Got Talent 2009

I remember when I watched Britain’s Got Talent last year and saw how good George Sampson was, now there is a new street dancer in town for 2009. Aidan Davis, is younger and I have to say much better than Sampson, and he can only get better. »

Should Callum Francis Been in Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Final?

We were shocked to learn yesterday that 12-year-old singer Callum Francis did not make it to Saturdays Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Final. Last night we saw saxophonist Julian Smith win the public vote, with 2 Grand and Callum Francis coming second and third. »

Britain’s Got Talent 2009: Susan Boyle vs Shaheen Jafargholi

I was on the edge of my seat last night, we had already seen Britain’s Got Talent 2009 favorite Susan Boyle go through, and now I was hoping that 12-year-old singer Shaheen Jafargholi would make it. It was up to the judges, and thankfully, they put him through. »

Diversity vs Flawless Britain’s Got Talent 2009 final

Everybody seems to think that Susan Boyle will become the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2009, but let us not forget about two amazing dance acts, Diversity and Flawless. The two dance groups now face each other in Saturday night’s final. »

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