Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars results, winner is

Dancing With the Stars results, winner is

Last night’s finale of Dancing With the Stars gave viewers the opportunity to look back on some of the highs and lows of this season’s dancing show, as all the leading stars of Season 17 came back to the ballroom to kick start this finale event. With performances including Lady Antebellum and Enrique Iglesias the remaining contestants were down to the last three. Amber Riley, Corbin Bleu and Jack ... »

Dancing With The Stars final insight from contestants

Dancing With The Stars final insight from contestants

With this year’s Season 17 final of Dancing With The Stars consisting of Jack Osbourne, Bill Engvall, Amber Riley and Corbin Bleu, the competition is heating up. As they battle it out to see who will be this year’s top couple we are intrigued to know the thoughts of the celebrities left challenging for this prestigious trophy. Reporting on an interview by Access Hollywood with all the remaining st... »

Dancing With The Stars Results: Remaining Four Couples

For those who do not want to learn the Dancing With The Star results, then you had best stop reading now. It was a tough week for Ralph Macchio, as he was certain that he was going home, but that fate was saved for rapper Romeo. The good thing was that he took it gracefully, and took the time to thank his fans, the viewers and even the judges. The remaining four couples are as follows: Kirstie All... »

Patrick Swayze Tribute on Dancing with the Stars 2009

People.com have learned that on Dancing with the Stars Sept. 23 live results show, they will be honoring Patrick Swayze, who sadly died earlier this week after losing his fight with pancreatic cancer. Conrad Green, executive producer of DYTS said “We have some very fond memories of [the late actor] coming to help us our when we were a tiny little show way back when.” »

Dancing With The Stars 2009: Kelly Osbourne loses a stone

Since Kelly Osbourne has started her training for Dancing With The Stars 2009, she has managed to lose a stone in three weeks. The Mirror reports that the star told Closer magazine of this weight loss, as she is their weekly celebrity columnist. »

Happy or Not? Dancing With the Stars 2009 Lineup

We mentioned in an early post that the Dancing With the Stars lineup for 2009 has already been announced. The 16 stars include Mark Dacascos, Chuck Liddell, Melissa Joan Hart, Donny Osmond, Kelly Osbourne and many more. The question is, are you happy with the lineup? »

Happy with who won Dancing with the Stars 2009?

Last night was the final of Dancing with the Stars 2009, and the previous 11 weeks had been building up to this moment, but we now have a winner, and that is gold medal-winning gymnast, Shawn Johnson. This was the closest finish ever, with less than one percent between the winner and the runner up. »

Dancing with the Stars 2009: Happy with May 12 results?

Dancing with the Stars 2009 is almost about to reach its conclusion as another piece of deadwood has been voted off. This time Ty Murray was finally voted off the show, one week to late in our eyes. As you would expect Murray fans will not be happy with these May 12 results, but that is all part of the show. »

Dancing with the Stars 2009: Who got kicked off?

All the best shows are coming to an end soon, American Idol next week as well as Dancing with the Stars 2009. So the question is, who got kicked off dancing with the stars, well that answer would be Ty Murray, and about time too. »

Dancing With Stars 2009: inching closer to finale

There are now only four contestants left in Dancing with the Stars 2009, a result of the shock decision of Lil Kim being voted of the show. The finale is now inching closer and now ABC is looking for its next batch of celebrities for the season 9 of Dancing With Stars 2009. »

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