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26 Aug


Dave Freeman, 100 Things to Do before You Die author has died

Dave Freeman, the co-author of 100 Things to Do Before You Die has sadly died aged just 47. He lost his life after hitting his head in a fall while at his home in Venice. Freeman died on August 17, his father Roy Freeman told

13 Aug


Beth Ostrosky to marry shock jock Howard Stern

There are reports that shock jock Howard Stern is to marry Beth Ostrosky, the 36 year old actress who comes from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The two are expected to wed in October, but there are

11 Aug


Isaac Hayes has died: cause still unknown

Singer Isaac Hayes has sadly died at his home in Memphis, Tennessee, he was just 65. His wife had found him unconscious next to a moving treadmill, she called the police. Hayes was taken to hospital, where he was then pronounced dead.

29 Jul


Car Crash not Shia LaBeouf’s fault according to Sheriff

Well looks as though the crash that Shia LaBeouf was involved in was not his fault, this is according to the Sheriff. The star that has had to take a month off from filming the Transformers sequel has to plan his

28 Jul


Lindsay Lohan hit by motorbike on night out

Lindsay Lohan had to be taken to a hospital early on Saturday after being hit by a motorbike, it was reported that Lohan had been out on a heavy night of drinking in New York. According to The New York Post, Lohan was sideswiped by a