Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC lands for the last time

Having only been released for 4 months in most countries it’s sad that the Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC has landed for the last time, which consists of two new episodes: Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield and Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess. These were made available on Xbox LIVE yesterday and today on the PlayStation Store. In a final farewell DLC there are also new costu... »

Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC today

The latest DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available on the 360 through Xbox LIVE Marketplace today and tomorrow the 14th March on the PSN for the PlayStation 3, to keep you updated on all the relevant news we have some informative details that might be of assistance to fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. The new downloadable content pack for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will feature PSICOM Officer ... »

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC provides fun and problems

When a game is released we expect it to be in a finished form (meaning the ending is already developed) apart from new content to help the game along and earn some extra money for those behind the scenes. This might not be the case for Final Fantasy XIII-2, as the DLC could not only offer more in the way of gameplay etc but also the ending of the game as well. As you would imagine users have been ... »

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Audio team, reviews and CE

The amount of Final Fantasy XIII-2 reviews hitting the web has gone through the roof over the weekend, meaning you’ll not be short of some extra insight into the game and how good it really is, although today we wanted to show you some details on the sound team and Collectors Edition. In an exclusive interview on Destructoid, they got the chance to meet the sound team behind Final Fantasy XI... »

Full Final Fantasy XIII-2 review roundup

Just under two weeks ago we offered details on an early review of the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2. However, we were unable to gauge a more complete idea of the game, since there was just the one review to go by. The game is now due for release in the US in a couple of days, so the embargo has been lifted and we now have a better idea of what to expect. So much has already been said ab... »

Premature Final Fantasy XIII-2 review

We thought we would take another look at a review of Final Fantasy XIII-2, but we do worry this is a little premature. Okay, so we know the game has been available in Japan for a month now, but reviews will always be different in other countries. Having said that, we should still be able to get a rough idea of how well this game has been received. Those of you in the US and Europe will already hav... »

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (13-2) demo release time

With January 31, 2012 fast approaching those looking to get some insight into Final Fantasy XIII-2 before its release can do so very soon, as we now have details on the release time for the demo. According to Square Enix the playable demo will be available on Xbox Live on January 11th, as well as PSN EU. However, those who use the PlayStation Network in the US will get in on the action one day ear... »

Final Fantasy XIII-2 install size and news update

Over the last month or so, we have let you in on the news of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 concerning positive reviews and points giving the game promise. We now have an update on the install size and general news. In an article on Examiner, they revealed file sizes on the Xbox 360 (7.8GB) and the PS3 (14.446GB) have been noted according to a poster on the NeoGAF forums. For a comparison, Fina... »

Faultless Final Fantasy XIII-2: The positives

In a post last month, we let our viewers in on news of the story behind Final Fantasy XIII-2 giving the game promise. Now we are able to show some of the positives to a faultless FF XIII-2. Gaming Everything has given a perfect review of this game along with details for users to get an idea of why Square Enix’s latest RPG received a faultless score, other reviewer’s comments included everything fr... »

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Giving the game promise

If we are to believe what we have recently heard, then the story behind Final Fantasy XIII-2 is giving the game promise. Those in Japan only have three weeks for the release of the new game by Square Enix, but those in the US and Europe will have to wait until January 31 and February 3, 2012 respectively. The sequel to FF XIII looks set to be much better than before, well going by some of the spoi... »

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