PS3 firmware update 4.41 is live

PS3 firmware update 4.41 is live

Firmware update 4.41 has gone live on the PS3 providing a minor update which is said to improve system stability, although without details of what has been enhanced we are unsure what this actually does. While many gamers welcome any improvements, some would appreciate details of what has exactly been done. According to gamer reaction there is a YouTube app on the store and comments can be seen on... »

Verizon HTC 8X new firmware update has these changes

Verizon HTC 8X new firmware update has these changes

Those of you waiting patiently for the “Portico” OS update will be pleased to know there will be more than just a few features on offer. Along with the basic updates there have been some new messaging improvements added, as well as many unique fixes. In addition, new firmware/radio fixes are available with this update and the details are highlighted on WP Central. The following changes... »

Live: PS3 4.20 update offers easier browsing

Sony has now made PS3 4.20 update live and even though we detailed a handful of changes in this latest firmware, we’re still waiting for the full notes, but we have learned of another minor feature that will allow for easier casual browsing. We had been hoping for a complete new browser experience but looks as though we will be waiting a little longer. There’s no denying that the brows... »

PS3 4.20 update same day as Skyrim DLC

Tomorrow will see the release of PS4 4.20 update, which as you know is the same day that Skyrim is to get its very first DLC, although not for Sony’s console. We have yet to receive the full notes for the firmware update, but we’re certain they will be made available shortly after the download has gone live. We do know that PS4 v4.20 will bring with it support for virtual surround soun... »

Minor 3DS firmware update 4.1.0-8U

There’s been a minor 3DS firmware update named 4.1.0-8U and from what we know so far it’s not that big and only makes a change to the Parental settings, as you can now go to System Update without entering your Parental Control Pin. However, we are sure that there are one or two more new features lurking about, which we’ll endeavor to find out for you a little later. We would expe... »

PS3 update 4.11: Differentiating firmware by country

It’s interesting how PlayStation 3 users outside of the United States get left in the dark sometimes, which has been shown perfectly with PS3 update 4.11 that seems to differ in firmware necessity by country. It was made very clear that this update would be optional in the US although UK users were not told either way. Yesterday the US PS blog explained to their readers that there would be a... »

PS3 4.10 and PS Vita 1.60 firmware updates

Sony released two firmware updates yesterday, PS3 4.10 and PS Vita 1.60, the former was for those in the US and Europe while the latter only applies to those countries who already have the device for now. We don’t expect the update would have been installed in the Vita when it hits North America and the UK in two weeks time, as those units would have already been shipped with the old firmwar... »

PS3 firmware 4.01 and regularity of updates

Today we have a minor update surrounding PS3 firmware 4.01, which is thanks to someone checking out the login area of Sony’s press website and this leads a few gamers to thinking the next PS3 firmware could be on its way. First we’d like to point out that it’s possible the debug firmware this article talks about could be for testing only, and might never make it to the public alt... »

PS3 4.0 update live: Firmware as foretold

Only five days ago we foretold that the PS3 4.0 update were not only desired, but we also expected the PlayStation 4.0 firmware to come pretty soon with Vita improvements, and today we can confirm the update is live to download right now. The screenshot on this page was taken on our test machine, and the firmware is installing right now. Currently we’re blown away that 4.0 is lacking in the featur... »

PS3 firmware 4.0 desired with PS Vita improvements

The recent news of an upcoming PS3 update to include certain features has led to a few hopes that this PS3 firmware will be 4.0, which would be the next major update for Sony’s games console. Sony normally moves to a new X.0 number when there are many little updates pulled into one new firmware, also this is a good chance for the PlayStation 3 to get some massive new features that gamers hav... »

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