Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Mini, an alternative gaming option

Galaxy S3 Mini, an alternative gaming option

When it comes to playing games on a smartphone there are so many options available to you, the first choice is what OS you would rather have and if you decide on Android then you have the big task of what device is best for you. You might want a smartphone with a large screen like the Note 2 or the Galaxy S3, but if you would rather something just a little smaller but not as small as the iPhone th... »

Rating Final Fantasy 3 on Android

Can you remember way back to 1990 when Final Fantasy III was released, well 22 years on the game has been given a new lease of life by being released on the Android platform. Now while we’re never going to get the same experience as you would have done back then because of how novel it all was, there’s no denying that this updated version has so much more to offer, more so if you are t... »

Insecurities of iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 decision

Those considering purchasing a new smartphone will be filled with much insecurity because while there is a huge choice of handsets on the market, there are only two that will matter to millions of consumers and business users, and they are the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. There are many aspects of these handsets that will help to persuade them about making the right decision, and it all comes down ... »

Gaming struggle for iPhone 5 with Galaxy S3

There are so many important factors when considering a new smartphone, and one of them is its gaming potential. From what we have seen of the Galaxy S3 so far the gaming experience is pretty impressive, with some consumers suggesting that it’s even better than what Apple can offer with their current iPhone in terms of performance. This could be a huge struggle for the iPhone because while we... »

Galaxy S3 to establish Android gaming platform

We have discussed on a number of occasions how important it is for Apple to make major updates to iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 in order to improve the gaming potential. However, we seem to forget that another smartphone is set to be released next month and could establish Android as a gaming platform, and that device is the Samsung Galaxy S3. In the past we have seen when Samsung release a new smartphon... »

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 for gaming screen size

There are many features that you and I look at when choosing the perfect phone for gaming and while most of us wish to know what kind of CPU/GPU the device has, the first thing that we get to see is the size of the screen. One of the most popular phones is the iPhone 4S, but there is an issue for some when it comes to the size of its screen because it’s on the small side for getting the most... »

Immersive gaming with Samsung Galaxy S3

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3 last week was no real shock in terms of hardware, but it’s hard not to see its gaming potential. We are not talking just about the spec bump over previous versions of the phone but also some accessories that will give you an immersive gaming experience. More often than not when you are gaming people around you can hear everything you are doing – whic... »