Gravity Rush

PS Vita Gravity Rush bundle a fantastic deal

Lack of software support for the PS Vita has had many gamers question what will help the handheld’s sales figures, and plenty of suggestions have been made in regards to the overall cost and more titles along with attractive bundles to give consumers more incentive. Today we are looking at the popular Gravity Rush and an offer that could be right up your street. For a limited time only a fan... »

Review of Gravity Rush news for PS Vita

Gravity Rush on the PS Vita comes out next month in North America and Europe, and will make use of the Vita’s unique tilting features. Known in Japan as Gravity Daze this game has been out over there since February, so we have had the chance to find out a bit about it. The art involved in the game is heavily inspired by the popular Franco-Belgian comic book style called Bande Dessinee and Push Squ... »