Sued Celebrities: Stars and Their Lawsuits

Sued Celebrities Stars and Their Lawsuits

Celebrities quite often find themselves the target of a lawsuit, with accusations ranging from non-payment of bills to breach of contract and damages. There are quite a few famous faces that have been faced with being sued, including Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey and reality TV star Kate … [Read more...]

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery?: Reality Star Denies Rumors

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Reality Star Denies Rumors

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin’s appearance has made some considerable changes over the past few months, which has of course sparked speculation of plastic surgery. However, Kate has hit back at such reports, and claims she’s not had plastic surgery done. … [Read more...]

Kate Gosselin Holiday Album: Will You Buy it?

Kate Gosselin Holiday Album Will You Buy it

You would have thought that starring in numerous reality TV shows would be enough for “Kate Plus 8” star Kate Gosselin, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. In fact, it now looks like she wants to become a singer, and record a Christmas holiday album. … [Read more...]

Kate Gosselin and ‘The View’: Reality Star to Co-Host Again

Kate Gosselin to Co-Host The View

If you thought that reality TV star Kate Gosselin did a great job of co-hosting “The View” last year, then you may just get the opportunity to see her as the show’s co-host again. It appears that she enjoyed it so much last time, that she’s returning to the show to give it another go. … [Read more...]

Kate Gosselin: Will she be the Next ‘Bachelorette?’

Kate Gosselin Will she be the Next Bachelorette

As we mentioned in a story yesterday, there have been a few reports cropping up online recently which have suggested that there could well be a reality dating show in the works for “Kate Plus 8” star Kate Gosselin. But that may not necessarily be the case. … [Read more...]