‘Lost’ Auction: TV Show’s Props Fetch $1.8 Million

Lost Auction TV Shows Props Fetch $1.8 Million

Fans of the hugely popular TV series “Lost” – which sadly came to an end earlier this year – got an opportunity to get their hands on some of their favorite props from the show this past weekend, when a very special 2-day “Lost” auction took place in Santa Monica. … [Read more...]

12-Minute ‘Lost’ Epilogue Leaks Online

12-Minute Lost Epilogue Leaks Online

While the “Lost” series finale may have been satisfying enough for some, it left many other fans just as confused and frustrated as they originally were. However, reports say that a 12-minute “Lost” epilogue has somehow managed to leak onto the Internet recently. … [Read more...]

Lost Finale Explanation: Did you understand the ending?

Lost Finale Explanation Did you understand the ending

It’s been a fair few hours now since the “Lost” series finale aired on ABC and other channels across the world, but even now it appears to be causing a buzz among fans. While some may have been left satisfied with how the series ended, others did not understand. … [Read more...]

‘Lost’ Series Finale: Recap of ‘The End’

Lost Series Finale Recap of The End

Well, after what can only be described as six mind bending seasons, ABC’s “Lost” finally came to an end last night (or this morning depending on where you live) with the two-and-a-half hour series finale – titled “The End.” And what an episode it was!! … [Read more...]

‘Lost’ Series Finale Time: How Will it End?

Lost Series Finale Time How Will it End

Well, the moment that “Lost” fans from all over the world have been waiting for, is only hours away now. And the moment that I am talking about is the two-and-a-half hour “Lost” series finale, which is due to air at 9:00 PM on ABC. … [Read more...]