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Mass Effect 4 readiness from fans

Mass Effect 4 readiness from fans

Mass Effect titles have been well received among fans of the franchise, but the last game did not impress as many as we expected, especially with the controversy that surrounded the ending of Mass Effect 3. This gave some gamers reason to believe the last instalment could be the last in the series, but we are eager to know whether fans are ready for a new title in the form of Mass Effect 4. Plenty... »

Wii U focus on FIFA 13 and Mass Effect 3 features

Wii U focus on FIFA 13 and Mass Effect 3 features

We know that Nintendo has been working hard to get the Wii U ready for its release, but we have to spare a thought for third-party developers as well, because things have not been that great for them. Some third-party devs have had a tough time porting games over to the Wii U, and it’s for this reason that they have had to make several sacrifices in terms of features. Two games that will be ... »

Mass Effect 3 exploits resolution with latest patch

Mass Effect 3 exploits resolution with latest patch

Allsorts of fixes are expected with the upcoming Mass Effect 3 patch, which includes rectifying exploits as well as gameplay balances. The large patch is expected tomorrow, Thursday the 4th of October and plenty of changes are on the cards, which will affect multiplayer powers and enemy behaviors. The issues that have been documented are things like the ability to grab Geth Pyros over cover and Ba... »

Mass Effect 3: Wii U eye candy

Taking into consideration the controversy surrounding the ending for Mass Effect 3, there is no denying this has been a top selling title this year. Therefore, we are not surprised this will be making its way to Nintendo’s new Wii U console as a launch title. Recent screenshots of the upcoming Wii U launch title give those interested in both the game and the console the chance to check out what it... »

Two-week Mass Effect 3: Leviathan countdown

Apparently, there’s just under two weeks to go before gamers can try out the Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC on the Xbox, PS3 and PC, and this story-driven single player content will be the first to be made available since Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. Expanding on the events of ME3 before the game’s closing sequence, this download will contain plenty of extras such as new characters, unique upgr... »

Mass Effect 3 double DLC detailed

Those of you concerned with the lack of single player DLC in Mass Effect 3 will be pleased to know that double DLC will be coming soon as BioWare are set to release Leviathan and Firefight content. This is a nice change from the constant attention paid to the multiplayer and details on both of these new drops are seen on the BioWare blog. Taking place during the events of Mass Effect 3 Leviathan i... »

Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC, N7 Classes and weapons

Yesterday BioWare announced more multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 and that this one will be titled ‘Earth’, so we thought it would be a good idea to see what is available from the sparse information on offer. Apparently, a new game mode was also announced called Platinum but other than leaked details nothing has been officially divulged. The DLC will be free and available on the 17th of July yet ... »

Potential new Mass Effect 3 DLC spoiler

Bioware knew that they had to do something in order to keep Mass Effect 3 fans happy, but some gamers felt that by giving into consumer demand and releasing the Extended Cut they lost some respect in the process. This is not a view shared by all and many gamers was glad when the new content was released on Tuesday, but it seems as though it hasn’t answered all the questions left unanswered. ... »

Mixed reactions to Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC has raised more questions among gamers and although opinions have been varied it seems that not everyone is happy with it. Credit to Bioware for not disregarding ME fans altogether after the backlash revolving around the ending, as they have at least tried to make up for this with downloadable content. The problem is that the DLC hasn’t delivered in many opinions... »

Visualizing Mass Effect 3: Four new endings

For those Xbox 360 gamers who have decided to wait a little before they give their life up for Skyrim once again because of the new Dawnguard DLC, some of them have decided that they would like to see what BioWare consider resolving the issue with the ending of Mass Effect 3. We all know of the issues and because of public pressure we now have four new endings, but are they enough to keep you happ... »

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