Mass Effect 3

Release time for Mass Effect 3 DLC discussed: LIVE

Today sees the release of the latest Mass Effect DLC, known as the Extended Ending, which is said to help the game come to a better conclusion – although this is up for debate. However, what we do not know is its release time, as BioWare has failed to inform anyone of this, but this has not stopped the fans coming up with their own suggestions. We’ve heard from some fans that contacted... »

Mass Effect 3 DLC ending a waste of time

Tomorrow the 26th of June, the Extended Cut DLC will be aiming to rectify the controversy surrounding the ending of Mass Effect 3 DLC, and we are concerned whether this will undo some of the damage it has caused and satisfy fans current distaste for the game’s finale. The notion that fans will find more issues with the DLC could be due to a negative feeling towards what should have been already in... »

Download clash for Mass Effect 3 ending DLC

Tuesday will be like Christmas to gamers because not only is there a good selection of games being released but also the DLC for Skyrim. Now we can add the download for the Mass Effect 3 ending to that list, so if you own both games on the Xbox 360 you’re going to have to decide if you want to see what Dawnguard has to offer or see what BioWare has done with the extended ending. We only ment... »

Mass Effect 3 event goals and rewards

The recent Mass Effect 3 event went by unnoticed because it took place during E3, so Bioware will now be taking full advantage of the N7 Bounty Weekend, which they are calling Operation Savage. Unlike the event from earlier in the month Friday’s one gives you a much simpler objective and that’s by taking out as many enemies as you can. If you are an aggressive player then you’re ... »

Reaction to ASA Mass Effect 3 ending verdict

Due to a large online community complaining about Mass Effect 3, the Advertising Standards Authority launched a probe into the issues surrounding the game’s endings, although Electronic Arts has successfully defended it stance concerning its advertising campaign. ASA investigated whether EA had misled or exaggerated to the extent that it was in breach of advertising protocols, and now it seems tha... »

Latest Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut and Earth DLC details

Even though Mass Effect 3 is now 3 months old there is still much to come from the game, such as the Earth DLC and that much anticipated Extended Cut, which should alleviate some gamers needs who believe that BioWare sold them short. We have to point at that these details have been leaked so you have to take them with a grain of salt, although we have no reason not to believe their legitimacy. Acc... »

Quandary for Mass Effect 3 on Wii U

While there are some gamers who would say that Nintendo had their worst keynote during an E3 event this year, there’s no denying that some developers are betting big on the Wii U, and news that Mass Effect 3 will be coming to the upcoming console has created a bit of a quandary. There’s also the hope that this version will already come with revisions to the ending that current consoles... »

Latest Mass Effect 3 improvements and fixes

If you’re a Mass Effect 3 owner then you’ll be happy to learn that BioWare has not only introduced a number of improvements and fixes to the game, but also a new Rebellion Pack DLC as well. Starting with the new content first it comes packed with new maps, weapons, characters and a completely different objective mode all of which are free if you redeemed an Online Pass. This is the sam... »

Uncertainty over Mass Effect 3 DLC schedule

There seems to be some uncertainty over the Mass Effect 3 DLC schedule because it had been rumored that another would be ready for download by now. There is some confusion over this because while certain sources would have you believe that the new Rebellion DLC will be coming sometime today, we have to point out that BioWare has not made an official announcement – a bit of a giveaway. The rumor su... »

DLC ending starts for Mass Effect 3, closure doubtful

Going back a few months the excitement level for Mass Effect 3 was pretty high, then when fans got to the end of the game that joy was short lived. A certain percentage of gamers who purchased the ME3 were upset with how it ended because all their hard work over the years was seen as a waste of time – again this is not shared by all. Thankfully for some BioWare has said that they will resolve this... »

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