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Fresh Max Payne 3 maps, items, and weapons incoming

Fresh Max Payne 3 maps, items, and weapons incoming

Rockstar have made an announcement (not for GTA 5) concerning the upcoming new DLC named Hostage Negotiation Map Pack. If there’s one thing that will best describe this new content it’s Online Action. Not only will there be a selection of new maps to explore, but also new items and weapons as well. That’s not all either, as you will also get the Filhos De Ogum avatar faction as w... »

Max Payne 3: Graphical tweak DLC

News of free downloadable content for Max Payne 3 just cannot be ignored and Noir Mode for Rockstar’s popular third-person shooter will not just add a cool looking black-and-white mode to the game, but will also put in some new features. The free DLC is part of next week’s Disorganized Crime Pack, which contains a new multiplayer map and Hoboken Rooftops along with modifiers for Score Attack... »

Update addresses Max Payne 3 concerns

An update from Rockstar Games is now available to address many of your Max Payne 3 concerns and we are interested to see what fixes are expected. To get an insight into the problems this is set to rectify we have had a look at a list compiled for gamers to search through. Everything from multiplayer tuning and spawn point tweaking, to stability and load times are mentioned on Just Push Start along... »

New GTA 5 Easter Eggs in Max Payne 3

Whenever a new game is released we’re always on the look out for an Easter Egg to try and let slip one or two secrets in regards to another game from the developer. You’ll be pleased to learn that there are supposedly new GTA 5 Easter Eggs in Max Payne 3, but we have to wonder if some people are now starting to look for things that are not there? It would not be a big stretch for Rocks... »

Patch addresses latest Max Payne 3 PC issues

The newly released patch for Max Payne 3 on the PC is said to resolve many issues encountered including stuttering on some video cards and other problems experienced involving the mouse acceleration and the game being locked in an incorrect aspect ratio. This is the first PC patch that will be downloaded automatically the next time you start the game so we are interested to see what has been recti... »

Play with Max Payne 3 creators until June 15

While it was obvious that Max Payne 3 was never going to compete with Diablo 3 in terms of anticipation, sales of these two titles have been swapping about but we can’t help feel that the former has had a much better start and has certainly been received very well. Then again Blizzard’s latest title was always going to be put under a larger microscope because of how long it has been in... »

Max Payne 3 trumps Diablo 3 and FIFA Street in UK

The newly released Max Payne 3 is looking in good shape as statistics show that it has rapidly climbed up the UK All Format Gaming Chart trumping Diablo 3 and FIFA Street. Some may say that games like Diablo 3 may only be limited to a PC/Mac format and this will affect there rise when it comes to titles that have been released across platforms, but this still shows how well Max Payne 3 has done si... »

Max Payne 3 patch v1.02 and game problems

Since last weeks launch of Max Payne 3 a number of problems have been experienced and with patch 1.02 out now on PlayStation 3 we are expecting a lot of these to fixed, while we wait for a change log list highlighting was has been addressed. Apparently problems have been found after the patch and we are concerned whether this quick fix has done enough to keep gamers happy. Looking at some of the i... »

GTA 5 languages will push up file size

If you take a look at the recent launch of Max Payne 3 you might have noticed the 35GB file size that PC users had to face, and while the Xbox 360 version had two discs at 15GB it was pretty obvious PS3 users only needed one Blu-ray. This recent Rockstar release had led some bloggers to guess what we might see when GTA 5 gets a release date, and eventually an install size for PC users. What do the... »

Resolving Max Payne 3 multiplayer issues with patch

Since the official release of Max Payne 3 some multiplayer issues have been experienced and a patch is hoped to clear up the problems occurring, although Rockstar Games has not divulged what bugs are addressed in the download. Apparently, this 1MB patch does not rectify all issues as the multiplayer matchmaking is still showing signs of getting stuck in a loading screen on your way to a match as w... »

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