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Queen new album includes unheard Freddie Mercury vocals

Queen new album includes unheard Freddie Mercury vocals

Fans of legendary rock band Queen can expect a real treat later this year, as Queen is to release their first new album in 20 years, and not only will the new album be the first in two decades, but will also feature previously unheard vocals from Queen front man Freddie Mercury. The new album has the working title of Queen Forever, will feature songs from the 1980’s and is scheduled for release at... »

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson 1983 duets set for release

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson 1983 duets set for release

Here at In Entertainment we are compelled to let our readers in on entertainment related news that has come to our attention, and we are under the impression two legendary performers that teamed up in the past will have three duets released. When we think of both Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson it would be hard to find two legendary acts that could captivate crowds in the same way with their m... »

Michael Jackson’s Mother and Children Doing Well: Financially

The mother and children of Michael Jackson are said to be doing very well financially, but mentally is another story. PEOPLE are reporting that recent court documents state that Katherine Jackson has been receiving $86,804 per month from Michael’s estate. These payments had been approved last month by an LA Court judge. »

Michael Jackson Homicide and Prescription Drug Abuse

We recently reported that Michaels Jackson’s death is now being treated as a homicide. According to Hollywood Today, the LA County Coroner found a powerful anesthetic called propofol in his system; it was this that lead to The King of Pop’s death. The report also shows that there was a long history of prescription drug abuse. »

Michael Jackson News: Homicide Definition Explained

We recently reported that the death of Michael Jackson is now being treated as a homicide. As you would expect with the recent news that Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray has now been charged with homicide, The Examiner thought it would be best to explain what homicide actually means. »

Michael Jackson Burial Postponed Again

Michael Jackson was due to have his burial on what would have been his birthday, but now fans will have to wait a little longer, as it has been postponed again. This is according to reports from E! News. Jackson was due to be buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on August 29, but it has been postponed so that his family has more time to prepare. »

Conrad Murray Video: Michael Jackson Doctor speaks out

Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray has made a brief video statement thanking his family, friends and fans. Dr. Conrad Murray is currently under investigation for manslaughter for the role that he played in the death of the King of Pop. This is according to a recent report from MTV. »

Michael Jackson Autopsy Picture: Is it right to look?

There are a number of websites on the Internet who claim to have a Michael Jackson autopsy picture, firstly I cannot imagine that one of these photos would be leaked and second, is it right to look? Fans of Michael Jackson would not want to see their idol in this way, while others have a sick addiction to something like this. »

Debbie Rowe Won’t Give Up Michael Jackson’s kids

The mother of Michael Jackson’s two eldest children, Debbie Rowe is to keep her parental rights; this is according to her attorney. He is denying reports that Rowe has reached a custody deal worth $4 million with Jackson’s family. »

Eternal Moonwalk Website: Another Michael Jackson tribute

If you were looking for the ultimate Michael Jackson tribute, then look no further than the Eternal Moonwalk website. The site has been set up by Belgian radio station, StuBru. This flash-based website now has thousands of videos of people doing the moonwalk, made famous by the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. »

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