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New Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 games via XBLA

New Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 games via XBLA

Windows 8 PLAY initiative has continued to grow as Microsoft brings a number of Xbox games to tablets and other Windows 8 devices via XBLA. Out of the amazing line-up great titles like Gunstringer, Toy Soldiers, and Ilomilo will be available along with other classics such as Minesweeper and Solitaire, so we are sure there will be some something here for all types of gamers. From what has been stat... »

Halo 4 to have Surface Tablet support

The end of the year is looking to be a great time for Microsoft, not only will we be getting Halo 4 for the Xbox 360 but also Windows 8 and the RT version in October, which makes us think that the Surface Tablet will be released around the same time. With Halo 4 set for release shortly after it makes sense for it to have some sort of Surface Tablet support. This support is more than speculation as... »

Microsoft Surface Tablet game changer claims

When Microsoft announced the Surface device last week there were a few consumers who thought they were talking about the table-sized device from a few years ago, but no, this time they were discussing their entry into the tablet market, which as we know is a very tough one to crack. However, the early signs look very promising and there have even been claims that this could be a game changer. Thos... »

Microsoft Surface could be their Xbox

When Microsoft revealed their Surface tablet device a few days ago we were a little shocked that they would try to take on such a big task, as it’s obvious that we will be comparing the device to the iPad, as this is the market leader. There’s a general opinion that Microsoft will not be able to catch Apple in this market, but can you remember when the same was said about them not bein... »