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MW3 swan song ahead of Black Ops 2

MW3 swan song ahead of Black Ops 2

Before Modern Warfare 3 is forgotten about by all expect the hard-core fans that prefer this part of the Call of Duty franchise, then there is one final swan song before gamers make the jump over to Black Ops 2. It’s been a wild ride but it’s time to start thinking of moving over to pastures new, but before you do why not take part in two custom game modes that are soon to be added to ... »

Visualizing new MW3 DLC, including Terminal

The new content drop for Modern Warfare 3 has arrived and now you will be able to make use of two new multiplayer maps and a return of a fan favorite from MW2, and that’s Terminal. The other two are Offshore and Decommission, all of which you can see gameplay footage of below. There’s also that new Spec Ops mission called Vertigo in this latest MW3 DLC thrown in for good measure as wel... »

Release of MW3 Terminal maintains 30-day difference

Only last week we had informed you that the controversial map Terminal from MW2 would be coming to Modern Warfare 3, we can now tell you that this is going to happen 100 percent and after much legal investigation will still have to maintain its 30-day difference on the Xbox 360. Even though this news is not a surprise it’s nice to see that this map will be free. Paying for older maps has alw... »

MW3 patch fixes memory and Spec Ops issues

An emergency patch for Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 is expected to fix memory and Spec Ops issues, and Infinity Ward’s newly released update is only a mere 9MB but mandatory one. As we look in some detail of what this tiny patch is meant to cure more fixes are still expected. In relation to the latest Elite content, this patch has addressed a fix for Out of Memory and Spec Ops issues along wit... »

Free older MW3 maps begins with Terminal

Pleasing news for fans of Modern Warfare 3 is that free older maps are becoming available beginning with Terminal, and this will go some way to ease the issue that some gamers have had with having to pay for older maps when they are actually released as new content. This is one of the most controversial out of the bunch, as this involves running around shooting other players within the airport. Ca... »

Maintenance affects MW3 Collection 2 DLC

With Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 now available on the PlayStation Network from yesterday issues with PSN downtime on the same date have caused problems for gamers as the timing of this has caused many to get quite annoyed. Maintenance affecting MW3 DLC on the release of pre-order collection 2 map packs has had many gamers question whether this is an ideal time to do this. Some prior notification... »

2 fixes for MW3 Specs Ops DLC glitch

Today saw the release of a new MW3 Spec Ops DLC called Arctic Recon, which we had only learned final details of yesterday. What we did not know was the fact that there would be a glitch coming with it – well for some anyway. The problem is that your Spec Ops rank can look as though it has reset itself and then stops you from loading up Spec Ops DLC you have installed. Like we said above the proble... »

Visualizing MW3 Spec Ops: Arctic Recon

For those who have paid for a Premium Elite membership this month is the sixth in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 content season, and this contains a new Spec-Ops mission known as Arctic Recon along with three new multiplayer Face Off Maps. To get an insight of what to expect we have had a look at a review as well as some great videos for you to visualize MW3 Spec Ops: Arctic Recon. With Arctic ... »

MW3 June DLC live today, no classic maps

We knew that the MW3 June DLC would go live today, but what we did not know were some of the details of this latest content drop. When it was announced yesterday not much in the way of details were shared with us, but we did learn that there would be no classic maps, which had been rumored a few days back. This news will get a mixed reaction because while some gamers were looking forward to some g... »

MW3 DLC uncertainty for June/July content drops

Later today we should learn the details of June’s MW3 DLC but there’s already speculation as to what this content drop could include – although there is uncertainty because this could be for the June or July DLC. Looking at the video below you can see that there are two new maps courtesy of a new patch these are Shipbreaker and Terminal. These details have yet to be confirmed – which c... »

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