Modern Warfare 3

MW3 June DLC, particulars in 3 days

There are just 3 days to go until the particulars for MW3 June DLC are shared with us, and just one day later Call of Duty Elite subscribers with an Xbox 360 will be able to get down and dirty with the new content. Not much is known in regards to this DLC, but we do know that there will be a new mission, map and another piece of classified content. As yet we have no idea when PC and PS3 users will... »

MW3 double XP more than last weekend in May

You should be enjoying Modern Warfare 3 double XP right about now, which is thanks to it going live since yesterday although this time you can enjoy double XP points in MW3 for much longer than a weekend in May. The heads-up was given yesterday with a simple Tweet that explained it should be live on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 until May 29. Gamers have enjoyed double XP more often than normal thanks to ... »

MW3 Collection 2: DLC and maps get reviewed

More DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be available tomorrow, and Collection 2 involves a new three standard multiplayer maps, two new Spec Ops missions and a new multiplayer playlist, with four new maps, which is good news for fans. To get an insight into what will be expected we have had a look at a couple of reviews for an overall perspective. The new standard multiplayer maps of last... »

Will Black Ops 2 kick MW3 on the floor?

We can’t say that we were surprised when Treyarch announced Black Ops 2 and while there were many questions needing answering there’s one on our mind, will the next COD title kick MW3 on the floor? Now if we were to go by sales predictions then we would have to say yes, as the new game has already started to beat sales records. It’s funny because some fans of the franchise are pr... »

MW3 PS3 bundle incoming with no free DLC

Sony needs to do all they can to try and help increase sales of their console, which is why they will be releasing an MW3 PS3 bundle. This is a very strange bundle because there’s nothing to entice gamers, and there’s also no free DLC either, which could have helped to sell a few more of these incoming bundles. Activision and Sony would have you believe that they have brought this bund... »

New MW3 Prestige levels imminent

If you thought that May was already going to be a good month for those of you with Modern Warfare 3 then we have yet more good news for you, as we have just learned that some new MW3 Prestige levels are imminent. It comes as no surprise that those with an Xbox will be able to get Prestige Levels 16-20 on May 15th, but those with the PS3 version will have to wait until next month. So to get this co... »

May, a Modern Warfare 3 mode and map fest

Could the month of May get any better, not only is there the release of Max Payne 3, Diablo 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier but there’s also a mode and map fest regarding Modern Warfare 3 – well for those with an Xbox 360 that is. Within the upcoming DLC collection will be a new multiplayer mode named Face-Off on May 15th (which coincides with two of the games mentioned above) and also two... »

Another Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 exclusive

Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 for less than half its normal recommended retail price will be accessible for a limited time only, as this will allow gamers to get hold of this popular title through an exclusive deal for the Xbox. The RRP cost is currently £54.99 GBP and this promotion will offer a bargain price of just £26.99 from Amazon. Available up ... »

Getting the Transfer Title with MW3 Knife Kill

There has been some discussion concerning getting the Transfer Title With a Knife Kill on MW3, as this has eluded certain PS3 players so far. The reason we say this is because we have learned that many gamers have yet to find it on PSN, but we know it’s there. A few players were unable to find it on their first day, but then with two days playing it’s been seen about a lot more. It wil... »

Momentum for Modern Warfare 3 blackout intensifies

With thousands of gamers pledging to refuse playing CoD Modern Warfare 3, we are intrigued how much this movement has gathered momentum as the blackout intensifies. Disgruntled fans are planning to protest on what they are describing to be as an “incomplete” and broken game and that no effort has been made to rectify the countless issues that have been experienced. Many bugs and glitches have been... »

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