NHL 13

Popularity of NHL 13 realized

The newly released NHL 13 ice hockey video game has had a decent reception with this iteration although some have suggested that the current issues with the sport itself has caused many fans to obtain this game as a form of compensation to get their hockey fix. With this in mind, NHL 13 is regarded as the best edition so far and with our personal experience of the demo, we can see why the game has... »

Playable NHL 13 female characters, unlike FIFA

Electronic Arts recently announced playable female characters in the upcoming NHL 13 game, which is a refreshing addition and a first time for EA to include women in their hockey titles, so this could also be adapted to other sports games in the future. Although it is worth pointing out that this only involves two women’s Olympic hockey stars. The initial news gave us reason to expect some w... »

NHL 13 cover vote winner is Claude Giroux

Claude Giroux has been selected by fans as the EA Sports NHL 13 cover athlete, and during last weeks live broadcast of the 2012 NHL Awards it was announced that the Philadelphia Flyers forward won by the closest matchup of the entire campaign. NHL 13 cover vote winner Claude Giroux beat Predators goalie Pekka Rinne in the final of the first ever EA Sports NHL cover vote campaign by less than a one... »