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Free PES 2013 DLC, also update crashing fix

Free PES 2013 DLC, also update crashing fix

Many Pro Evolution fans may feel that this year Konami were going to give EA’s FIFA a run for their money and even though they have produced another great game, recent statistics show that they have come out second best once again. With recent issues regarding game crashing PES 2013, fans will take solace in the fact that FIFA 13 has also accumulated a fair share of problems, in fact, this seems t... »

First PES 2013 DLC, feature angers fans

News of the first PES 2013 DLC hasn’t been welcomed by Pro Evo fans, as this content allows online players to ‘retire’ at half time giving those poor losers out there an alternative to ripping out their Ethernet cables when they are getting thrashed. This idea by Konami is their way of stopping players disconnecting from online servers half way through a game, but we are interested to ... »

Demo differences: FIFA 13 vs PES 2013

Fans of football games in general will have the option of the two top soccer games again this year with more improvements to make the decision of which one is best even harder this time around. Now that the demos have come out for both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 we are interested in some opinions on both to get an overall perspective of which is going to be more prominent this season. After playing both... »

Free PES 2013 DLC code if pre-ordered

This summer has been an amazing season for sports thanks to not only the London 2012 Olympics but also the Paralympics as well, and what better way to complete the summer sportfest than by the release of two of the biggest sports games, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and FIFA 13. If these two football/soccer games were competing in a race then it would be the former that would get out of the starting b... »

PES 2013 more complete with Brazilian league squads

The new edition of Pro Evolution Soccer is said to feature licensed Brazilian teams for the first time in the series and fans of previous PES games will know all too well that you can guarantee once the PES 2013 has come out various vital transfers will be made from that area of the world. In the past gamers have had to create new signings in the edit mode to complete their teams, so now fans of t... »

Live: PES 2013 demo download

Xbox LIVE Gold members wanting to experience the new Pro Evolution Soccer game in action will get the opportunity to download the demo and check it out for themselves, as the recently announced sample is available now for your chance to try out this upcoming installment known as PES 2013. In this brief article, we highlight Konami’s new football game demo accessible on Xbox LIVE and this 1.19 GB i... »

PES 2013 to benefit from new production studio

With PES Productions opening their London studio the UK workspace is expected to operate as dedicated wing of the existing Tokyo-based team, so PES 2013 and newer installments look set to benefit from this new production studio. Concentrating on high-end game consoles and PCs this will be an opportunity for them to continue to reproduce European football culture at its best in their games. When it... »

Visualizing PES 2013 Game Modes

As a football fan there has only ever been two franchises in contention for me and that is FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Over the years it been hard to ignore them both, and an annual intermittent interest has had me switch from one to the other. PES 2011 was one preferred over the last edition and this year’s FIFA 12 has been the current leader for many, so there is hope that the competiti... »

New PES 2013 gameplay footage live tomorrow

As we move closer towards the end of the year that can only mean one thing in the world of sports video games, the clash of the two big football/soccer games, which are PES 2013 and FIFA 13. It’s no secret that both will be going head to head to try and prove that they have the better features, but more often than not it’s the latter who wins out. Having said that Konami will not be ma... »

PES 2013 makers questions FIFA 13 innovation

PES 2013 makers questions FIFA 13 innovation

There are two companies that always go head to head towards the end of the year, as they both have their take on the same sport. FIFA 13 will be with us at the end of September while PES 2013 will be released just a few days after, and as always both are looking like solid titles. However, Konami questions the innovation of EA’s title. While EA would have you believe that they have made a nu... »

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