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New PlayStation Move and FIFA 14 support possibility

New PlayStation Move and FIFA 14 support possibility

We know that Sony will give us a new PlayStation Move when they release the PS4, but what we don’t know is what differences the motion control sensor will have when compared to its predecessor. However, we might have an idea now thanks to a patent for what is believed to be the 2-gen PS Move controller, but it’s the possibilities that can be had while playing a title like FIFA 14 that ... »

Kinect looks down on PlayStation Move

Back in late 2010 both Sony and Microsoft moved into an area that had been dominated by Nintendo, but only because they were the only ones offering such a system. We are talking about the PlayStation Move and the Kinect for the Xbox 360; they both wanted to offer a unique experience of their own and it was interesting to see the different routes they took in order to do so. From what we have been ... »

Need for PS4 to include Move and PS2 support

What is it about the need for PS4 to include Move and PS2 support? Simple question really, but is it an easy one to answer. Let’s knuckle down a little and see what has been said. We have received many emails about this so decided to dig a little deeper on the thoughts of the new Sony PlayStation 4 Move, PS2 and PS3 compatibility with the 2012 (Hopefully) gaming console. Many gamers have different... »

Video shows inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood on launch day

The new inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood released in North America yesterday and Europe today now has a launch trailer, showing of the a new cutscene tool. This inFAMOUS 2 downloadable game will have Move support and will appear with prices. Festival of Blood is now available for $9.99, but if you are a PlayStation Plus member you can get it for only $7.99. This vampire-based spin-off now has a little ... »