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Concerns over PS Vita sales data

Recent reports inform us that less than 800,000 PlayStation Vita units have been sold across Japan in the past six months amounting in some concerns over this sales data, although Sony Japan has informed a popular magazine that the figures are in line with internal projections. This quote by Sony is according to the translation, as Japanese magazine Famitsu suggests that the system has sold about ... »

E3 snubs expanding PS Vita games

Some PS Vita fans have recently come away from Sony’s conference this year feeling that the handheld has not been considered as far as games are concerned, leaving them with the impression that Sony had stopped caring. This has caused PS Vita fans to question why no new games were announced as titles like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation and the Call of Duty game... »

Reaching PS Vita’s ambiguous sales goal

Weighing up the figures for sales numbers the PS Vita has reached 1.8 million as of March 2012 yet the 3DS has sold over 20 million, so we are interested what must be done for Sony to achieve their goal of 11 million sold by the end of the year. Many ideas could assist with their target and the first scenario would be to drop the price. The games list for the rest of the year is looking a bit spar... »

PS Vita needs to expand games not repeat them

The future of the PS Vita looks bright yet some may be skeptical about it and feel that it could end up on the gaming scrapheap like the original PSP device, and even though we are very impressed with the Vita handheld we are also concerned about past mistakes coming back to haunt this great gaming console. To assist future sales Sony needs to focus more on expanding games for the Vita and not rep... »

Potential of PS Vita about to be realized

The PS Vita may not have got off to the great start we envisaged although certain circumstances surrounding the delayed western release and the economic climate could have played a part in this, and taking that in to account, it seems that the Sony handheld is now starting to establish itself and the news of more games will give the Vita an opportunity to build some momentum and make the most out ... »

The Sims for PS Vita

The PS Vita has been doing pretty well in the US and Europe and that’s thanks to an impressive lineup of games at release and there have been a few more since, but what about those that have yet to come to light? There is one game that is begging for a PlayStation Vita version and that’s The Sims, and while nothing has been announced yet we have to remember that Sony’s latest han... »

PS Vita outperforms DS not PSP

The arrival of the PS Vita came with many expectations although recent figures show that it has not had the initial impact that was anticipated. It might be an early forecast to think it would hit the floor running but as far as sprints go, the PS Vita still has a lot to accomplish. When it comes to first-week sales between the PSP, 3DS, PS Vita and the DS a graph showing statistics on the Venture... »

PS Vita’s price in UK at Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco

With just one day to go until the official release of the PS Vita we thought we would take a look at some of the prices from the biggest stores and online retailers in the UK, which is perfect for those who held off on pre-ordering theirs. Certain gamers thought buy getting in early they would avoid disappointment but it seems as though the likes of Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Amazon and Play.... »

Quick fix for PS Vita and developer issues explained

As Sony look to get back on track with the competitive portable gaming market it is not long before Sony’s PlayStation Vita is available for customers everywhere, and prior to the PS Vita hitting the shops we are interested to see whether any issues may arise. News that the PlayStation Vita is looking at problems with its launch is reported in an article on JustPushStart and the responses by Sony.... »

Details of Sony Store’s PS Vita midnight events

Excitement surrounding next weeks release of the PlayStation Vita builds further momentum and news of the Sony Store’s PS Vita midnight events will get plenty of attention, so we thought it would be a good idea to find out all the information revolving around the new handheld game console. Sony Store’s Manhattan flagship will be opened at midnight February 15th and The PS Vita will be availa... »

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