Skyrim: Hearthfire

Skyrim DLC 2 for PC released, PS3 owners watch intently

Skyrim DLC 2 for PC released, PS3 owners watch intently

Bethesda’s second helping of DLC for Skyrim was released yesterday on the PC, as PS3 owners had to watch intently as yet another platform gets to enjoy more new content for The Elder Scrolls V. While Hearthfire does not bring as much to Skyrim as Dawnguard did, we’re sure that PlayStation 3 owners would welcome any new content right now. Hearthfire is not an extensive Skyrim expansion,... »

Skyrim: Hearthfire two weeks on

It is easy to see why The Elder Scrolls V has had such a good reception and even though there have been a few issues the franchise continues to gather more intrigue, as the recent DLC has just added to the longevity of the initial game. Looking at Skyrim: Hearthfire two weeks on, there have been some good and bad points documented, and we are interested to see whether this is a decent add-on for f... »

Pointless Skyrim Hearthfire PC release, PS3 also

With Skyrim Hearthfire already on the Xbox and the second DLC looming for the PC, there have been a number of suggestions asking if the new expansion is pointless? We’ve seen a mixed response in regards to Hearthfire, and even though the PC version is yet to be released and doubts if PS3 owners will ever see it, we have to wonder if they are really that bothered? When we first learned of the... »

Skyrim Hearthfire: Modding comes to Xbox

To further rub salt into the wounds of PS3 owners who are still awaiting the release of Dawnguard (which could be a long wait) the second DLC for Skyrim named Hearthfire is here for the Xbox 360. The best way to describe this new content is that modding has finally come to the console, well the Xbox anyway. When you’re told that you will be able to do some customization within The Elder Scro... »

Skyrim Hearthfire concerns following Bethesda claim

Although it’s clear to see that there is a great deal of excitement in regards to the release of Skyrim Hearthfire (the second DLC from The Elder Scrolls V) there seems to be concerns for those with the PS3 version of the game, as they still have no idea when they will be getting Dawnguard and following a recent claim from Bethesda they might not be getting it at all – which for us sends ala... »

Customization of Skyrim: Hearthfire detailed visually

The official announcement of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC has also come with its first trailer and this add-on will allow gamers to buy land and build their own home from the ground up. As we take a look at the customization involved in Hearthfire, we can see that feedback from the mod community has given Bethesda some inspiration. With this second add-on pack for the game users will get... »